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Celebrating Our State’s 80th Anniversary

Our State magazine celebrates its 80th anniversary this June. We look pretty good for our age, don't we?

Our State 80th Anniversary

Eighty years is a long time. Since Our State began as The State on June 3, 1933, we’ve created 2,046 issues. In that time a few things have changed, some stayed the same, and the mission of the magazine holds true: to celebrate the people, places, and culture in North Carolina.

To honor our 80th anniversary, we’ve compiled some exclusive content for our fans and readers. Click through the links below to see it all.

Web Exclusives

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3 Responses to Celebrating Our State’s 80th Anniversary

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  2. George says:

    I was born in 1937 and do not ever remember not having the most recent copy of the magazine. My first memories are sitting around the kitchen table on Sunday evening listening to what I recall as “The Carl Goerch Hour.” We listened to the “the quiz” with rapt attention and to this day it is probably what I look at first.

    Certainly his mission as articulated by you worked. Within the last year or two, I introduced a young man with two preschoolers to the magazine and told him what I have told others, that I learned more history about North Carolina through the magazine than in any formal classroom.

  3. Jim Harrill says:

    Every issue brings fond memories to mind, but the June 2013 issue with the feature story on Carl Goerch was really special. Carl Goerch, Mr. North Carolina, lived across the street from us on Iredell Dr. in Raleigh. He and my dad, L.R. Harrill, Mr. 4-H, both loved North Carolina and its people. It was Carl Goerch who gave me my very first airplane ride in the mid 1940s. I remember so vividly the earth dropping away ever so gently. I, too, was hooked. Later, I was a pilot in the Air Force and was a flight instructor in the T-38 for four and a half years. One of my sons flew the F/A-18 off carriers for the Navy. Another son is still flying commercially, now with Virgin America out of San Francisco. We’ll never know how much of this to attribute to Carl Goerch, but I remember his fondly and with respect. He was a good man.

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