Barbecue Quiz

  • By Alan Hodge

Take this first-ever online Our State Quiz and see just how much you know about North Carolina 'Cue.


In celebration of the start of the new Carolina ‘Cue section in the magazine, you can test your barbecue brilliance, your sauce savvy, and your knowledge of North Carolina’s favorite food in this new quiz by Our State‘s Quiz Master Alan Hodge.

The correct answers will be revealed to you as you go!

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23 Responses to Barbecue Quiz

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  2. Pam says:

    Quess I did pretty well on the quiz.. 12 out of 15.. that’s why I can say HENDRICK’S BBQ in Salisbury is the best BBQ I have eaten.. service, & curly fries very good, atmosphere 50′-60’s style.. they really give a huge amount of BBQ on your sandwich too.. um um gooooooood.. if you are in Salisbury, you need to try their restaurant.. I give it a ***** five star review..

  3. AT Wheeless says:

    Great Quiz….did not make a 100% but it was a great Barbeque lesson. Love eastern NC Bar be que!

  4. Clyde Nordan says:

    Great quiz. I scored 100! I knew most of the answers, but had to Google a couple. Great learning experience. My roots are in NC and I inherited my Family’s recipe for Barbeque. Check it out here and leave a comment.
    Hungry in VA.

  5. Ms Chris says:

    Ms Chris says “If I didn’t listen to my man-friend I would have only missed one.” Although I was born a ‘Michigander’ I’ve lived and still do reside in the beautiful state of North Carolina and since I’ve lived here over half my age I consider myself a ‘Carolinian’……Johnston County has the best BBQ

  6. Donald Douglas Abernethy says:

    I live in western North Carolina but have spent 14 years “down east” The BBQ is certainly different, Right now I would say I prefer BBQ from Alston Bridges in Shelby, though Twelve Bones in Asheville serves up a good plate of pig. Sometimes, though, I crave to grease my chin with the honest flavor of eastern style. Really, I won’t decline any of it!

  7. Good fun, thanks Our State.

  8. Stephen Jones says:

    I got 12 of 15 which I thought was pretty good since I haven’t been back to my birth state in 45 years…..You can take the boy from his home state but you can’t take the BBQ away from his memory.

  9. Linda and Marfty Hodgkins says:

    Great quiz………………….even us Yankees enjoyed it!

  10. chris says:

    That was fun! I love BBQ not matter the type!

  11. Tom Buckner says:

    I have been lucky enough to travel and eat some of the best foods anywhere all across our great Country. But I can honestly say, with full prejudice toward my home State, that I am firmly blessed to be born right here in North Carolina and have the privilege to enjoy what is truly our greatest gift to the world, North Carolina Barbecue! I must apologize and can not resist to advise that the Que down east is truly the best and second to none! Sorry Lexington and all other points West!

  12. G Bailey says:

    Some years ago a fictitional organization was formed called “Society of Lovers of Pit-cooked Swine”. Do any of you old-timers remember this and have a photo of the logo you could send me? Love BBQ cooked over wood.

  13. Michael Weldin says:

    I simply love “Our State Magazine” and all the stories that go with it especially the ones about where to find great food. My wife and I travel around the state just to find good food. Of course nothing is better to me than Monk’s BBQ. It is the best I ever had.

  14. Mark says:

    B’s bbq. in Greenville (Pitt County) has got it in this area.

  15. Ann Robbins says:

    I love Our State. There is always new and exciting articles.

  16. Bill Kissam says:

    In my travels, when someone heard I grew up in the Carolina’s, the conversation either turned to football or BBQ. Now that in tradition!

  17. Clinton says:

    Thanks for focusing on N.C. BBQ! However; we all know that eastern N.C. BBQ is the best!!!

    • a meltons bbq fan says:

      meltons in rocky mount is/was the best…………down on the mighty tar river. use to eat there every saturday with my dad after work.

      and yes…………willie bob was “THE MAN”. gosh, i sure hate how things have changed since then.

      • Eric C. Bass says:

        I concur. I too grew up eating Bob Melton’s BBQ down on the old Tar River. Best BBQ there was. I remember an evening back in 89 or 90 when the resturant had what they called “1929 day”. All the prices were set at 1929 prices. My wife, kids, and I waited four hours to get a table that night, but it was well worth it! We all went home stuffed!

        • Craig Fedor says:

          I loved Melton’s. When we lived in Rocky Mount we used to eat there 2-3 times a week family style. Some of the best eating I’ve had in the world.

  18. Hubert Halford says:

    I read from cover to cover every issue of Our State magazine. Needless to say I enjoy reading it. One article in the September 2012 issue to me was amazing and I keep it handy to show friends when they come. I am 81 years old and I have read, listen to people talk and climbed over and under the dead chestnut trees while hunting in the mountains .All of that did not prepare me for the pictures in Our State. The chestnuts were almost as big as some of those trees in Washington state and California. What a loss.

  19. C. Watson says:

    I enjoy Our State magazine very much, look forward to each new issue, I always wanted to be Bob Gardner’s assistant. I’ve also enjoyed the featured restaurants in each months issue and have. visited several, while traveling accross North Carolina. ( especially barbecue )

  20. Jim Ogburn says:

    Thank you for focusing on Tar Heel topics!

    It’s no wonder that while other periodicals such as Newsweek, Business Week, Look and Life have folded, Our State is stronger than ever! Your enthusiasm for our beloved “Old North State” is contagious. With apologies to John H. Harris, “Keep on growing!”

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