Blackbeards BBQ & C Food in Edgecombe County

  • By David Bailey

Don’t miss the Steamed Blue Crabs at Blackbeards BBQ & C Food in Tarboro.

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Williamston native Grant Whitley points to Blackbeards as the “standard-bearer for eastern North Carolina barbecue (whole hog, slow cooked over hickory wood with vinegar-based sauce).” But an unexpected entree seldom seen on a barbecue joint’s menu warrants Whitley’s recommendation — the steamed blue crabs. They also deep-fat fry hard crabs, a real rarity, but Whitley says the steamed are better.

He also raves about the sides, such as black-eyed peas, Brunswick stew with fresh butterbeans and corn, and “awesome fresh snap beans,” and suggests a bowl of homemade strawberry ice cream for a fine finish.

Blackbeards BBQ & C Food
5232 U.S. Highway 64-Alternate East, Tarboro, N.C. 27886
phone: (252) 641-0103

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2 Responses to Blackbeards BBQ & C Food in Edgecombe County

  1. Wilson Muse says:

    Blackbeard’s is definitely a treat to good Barbecue lovers and good seafood lovers alike. Everything I have eaten there was delicious. The pit cooked barbecue is always seasoned perfectly and very tender. The side dishes are excellent as well. The few times I have had seafood there, I have really enjoyed it.

  2. D.Stroud says:

    I usually go to Blackbeards EVERY Friday night to get the “Mess Burger”!!! OMG!! I am addicted to this burger. They have very good fried fish (My son loves that). I would opt for the vinegar based slaw. I love they make their own desserts too,which I always get. I think this place is a hidden jewel in Edgecombe County. GREAT Tea!!!! and hardly anyone knows how to make good fresh tea. I don’t care what you say. A lot of people want Southern tea but few know how to make it good. Same with BBQ. Even though I was born/raised in the South I rarely order restaurant BBQ. Too easy to make the “real thang” at home. But their’s is good from the 1 time I got it on a combo plate for my husband. I love the simple down home feeling you get here. Like you going into your grandma’s kitchen to eat. You can also eat outside or get your order to go. You can’t miss the SHARK hanging outside. I love him, broke fin and all. I took a pic with my son standing underneath.

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