Cabarrus Creamery in Cabarrus County

  • By David Bailey

Don’t miss the Moon Pie Ice Cream at Cabarrus Creamery in Concord.

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Hunter Huss, owner of Cabarrus Creamery, got the idea for Moon Pie Ice Cream on his way to visit his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. He’d been on the road for awhile when he began to feel a little peaked and stopped in a country store to buy a Moon Pie and a Royal Crown Cola. Multitasking between the cola, the confection, and driving, it came to him: “This would be good in ice cream.” The Moon Pie, that is. (He’s tried adding RC Cola to the Moon Pie Ice Cream recipe, and the ice cream turns a less-than-appetizing shade of pink.)

People do come into the creamery and ask if they can have a Moon Pie Ice Cream and RC Cola float. When he tells them sure, “they kind of freak out,” he says. Few order it.

Cabarrus Creamery
21 Union Street South, Concord, N.C. 28025
phone: (704) 784-1923

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