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First Listen: Barbara McKenzie’s New Album

  • Photography by Joshua Curry

Hear a few tracks from McKenzie's upcoming release.

McKenzie web 700

Barbara McKenzie is a classically trained pianist who is bringing quality music to our coastal cities. You can read more about her on page 22 in the February 2013 issue.

A note from the composer:
The CD was released in February 2014. So I chose to record some “love songs”. I think Brahms must have written the three intermezzos I chose with the love of his life, Clara Schumann, in mind. Though she was married to Robert Schumann, Brahms was totally devoted to her from his youth until older age.    

The first Intermezzo  brings the feeling of unbridled adoration and passion, the second one represents a more mature, settled love, and the last Intermezzo represents, for me, the kind of love that older couples share who have spent a life together and are looking back with full hearts. It’s so tender and intimate.  

The Chopin Nocturne is, of course, pure genius and one of his most poignant compositions. Someone said it sounded like “spun glass.”  

I hope you enjoy the music!

To purchase the full CD, email the request to

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One Response to First Listen: Barbara McKenzie’s New Album

  1. Ernesto says:

    Beautifully played and so very musical; gifted with sure technique and the ability to express deeply and with clarity.

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