• August 5, 2012

N.C. Coloring Pages

Enjoy these coloring pages of some of our favorite North Carolina things!

Our State Magazine

Get out your crayons and color! Click on any image below to open a full-size, easy-to-print coloring page. We’ve included a few fun facts about each page for you to enjoy.

(Note for parents and grandparents: The page will open as pdfs. Adobe Reader is needed to open the file for printing. Click here to install Adobe Reader if you do not have it.)

The North Carolina State Flag
This version of the North Carolina state flag was adopted in March 1885.
Wild Horses
Horses are beautiful animals, aren’t they? There are two places along the North Carolina coast where you can see wild horses – on the beaches in Corolla at the Outer Banks and on Shackleford Banks near Beaufort. Remember, if you and your family go to see the horses, you should not get closer than 50 feet to them and you should never feed them.

North Carolina Lighthouses
Did you know there are seven lighthouses along the North Carolina coast? Can you name them? There’s Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Cape Lookout Lighthouse, Oak Island Lighthouse, Bodie Island Lighthouse, Bald Head Island Lighthouse, Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and Ocracoke Lighthouse. Have you visited any of these?
The Cardinal
The cardinal was adopted as the official state bird in 1943. Have you seen a cardinal before? What color was it? The bright red cardinals you see are males. The females aren’t quite as brightly colored. Cardinals live in North Carolina year-round, and mostly eat seeds, small fruits, and insects.
North Carolina peaches are delicious! Have you tried them? They are sweet and juicy and tasty to add to your family’s homemade ice cream!

The North Carolina Zoo
At the North Carolina Zoo, you can see gorillas, chimpanzees, giraffes, and yes, lions. The Zoo is located in Asheboro and while you’re there you can visit animals who live in North America and Africa. More than 1,100 animals live at the Zoo.

Do you ever see little flashes of light in your back yard at night in the summertime? Those blinking lights are fireflies. The next time you see them, ask your parents to give you a jar and a lid with holes cut in it. If you can, catch a few, put them in the jar, and watch them blink! Keep them in the jar just long enough to watch them for a while and then release them.

The Dogwood
The blossom of the dogwood tree became the state flower of North Carolina in 1941. Dogwood trees can be found around the state and their blossoms are beautiful in the spring and early summer. Do you have a dogwood tree at your house?

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