McCaskey’s Country Store & Grill in Hertford County

  • By David Bailey

Don’t miss the Corned Herring at McCaskey’s Country Store & Grill in Ahoskie.

100 Foods in 100 Counties

Each day, L.D. “Jackie” Brinkley Jr. joins the breakfast club at McCaskey’s Country Store & Grill, usually before the sun rises over the fields of Hertford County. “We may live in a small community, but there’s a large breakfast contingency that starts at 5:30 a.m., people from all types of work stopping in,” says Brinkley, a farmer whose father owned an auto dealership and was a state legislator. Brinkley favors corned herring for breakfast. “It’s a rich tradition,” he says.

Processed by Perry-Wynns Fish Company in Colerain, the hand-size, salted herring are soaked the day before, then battered in corn meal and fried crispy. “It’s an ocean fish, rich and full-flavored,” Brinkley says. Add some boiled potatoes, slaw, and deep-fried, homemade cornbread, and you’ve got a great lunch. “It’s country cooking, with fresh vegetables,” he says. “You eat the whole [fish], bones and all.” he says. So grab a handful of napkins.

McCaskey’s Country Store & Grill
836 N.C. Highway 461, Ahoskie, N.C. 27910
phone: (252) 332-3609

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