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Photo Shoot: March 2012 Issue

Come along on our March 2012 photo shoot, where the star of the show was a 1972 Carolina blue Chevelle station wagon.

Our State Magazine, March 2012 Photo Shoot

The photo shoot for this month’s issue involved a ’72 Chevelle station wagon, two photographers, two children, and author Michael Parker. Scroll down to view additional images from the shoot and read more about the car and the photographers.


Click any image to enlarge. Photos provided by Joey and Jessica Seawell, Todd Simons, and Jonathan Weaver.

About the car

James Hinshaw of Burlington bought his first Chevelle from Alamance Motors in 1972, igniting a lifelong passion that led to his founding of the National Chevelle Owner’s Club. Today, he runs Hinshaw’s Chevelle Parts, shipping car parts all over the United States and beyond from his shop in Alamance County, a place he nicknamed the Chevelle Capital of the World. He rescued the 1972 Chevelle station wagon from the scrap heap, drawn to the car because of its rare color — Carolina Blue — which was found only on cars in the Piedmont from 1965 to 1980.

About the photographers: Joey & Jessica Seawell

Joey and Jessica are Southern born photographers who live to create fun, off-beat classic imagery.

Upon graduating art school for painting and photography, they decided to fully commit themselves to photography and began working together in 2007. Their attention to detail, professionalism and easy going demeanor translate into timeless, fun images. Joey and Jessica thrive on creating and nurturing photo concepts and their love of nature, Americana and spontaneous moments inspire their work daily.

Their work has appeared in numerous Our State issues over the last several years and their most recent Our State cover was the November 2011 shot of persimmons. To view more of their work, visit

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2 Responses to Photo Shoot: March 2012 Issue

  1. Johnnie K. Coe also known as 'Cookie' Coe says:

    Love the pictures of the ’72 Chevelle wagon. The Cruisers auto club would have quite a collection for you to photograph. They often schedule ‘Cruises’ in the Alamance county area.
    We have attended several and there was one held in Mebane, NC during the Dogwood Festival last year. Love to view the cars from the old days!

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