Port-a-Pit BBQ in Iredell County

  • By David Bailey

Don’t miss the Charcoaled Chicken Barbecue at Port-a-Pitt BBQ in Statesville.

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My cousin, Jan Martin, insists that the best barbecued chicken he’s ever tasted comes from a pit with a brake light and license plate. That’s how I found myself at Port-a-Pit. In the patented stainless-steel pit on wheels, baskets on a looped conveyor carry split chickens over a bed of charcoal for two-and-a-half minutes on the first half of the loop; on the second half, the chickens spend an equal amount of time dripping juices on the birds below. At the end of each full loop, the chickens take a bath in a vinegar-based dip. The result is fall-off-the-bone, buttery rich chicken.

Wednesdays and Fridays are the only days you can line up at the warehouse-like kitchen and get a plate. Eat it at home or gobble it down on the tailgate of your pickup truck, like the dozens of workmen crowding the parking lot.

Port-a-Pit BBQ
119 Marshall Forest Lane, Statesville, N.C. 28625
phone: (704) 872-9778

Watch an exclusive Our State video on Port-A-Pit BBQ.

One stop our on statewide food tour takes you to Port-a-Pit BBQ in Statesville. Go behind the scenes to see what makes Port-a-Pit barbeque the talk of the town, whichever town it may pull into.
Video produced by Jenny Tenny. To view a complete collection of Our State videos, click here.
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