Readers’ Choice Winners: The Best of Our State 2012

  • By Our State Magazine

Here are the winners of our 2012 Readers' Choice voting!


Happy New Year! Before we begin 2013, take a look at our readers’ favorite cover, photo essay, story, video, and recipe of the year! Thanks to the more than 2000 readers and fans who casted their vote.


Doc Watson (July 2012)
Our July 2012 cover of Doc Watson appeared weeks after his passing. The issue featured a list of 100 North Carolina icons, which garnered a lot of conversation among readers and fans as they reviewed the pull-out poster of icons.


The aftermath of Hurricane Hazel in North Carolina in 1954 “Hazel” by Michael Graff (August 2012)
Graff’s story details that day in October 1954 when a terrible storm shattered lives and communities in North Carolina. As part of this story, we collected readers’ memories of Hazel. Read those submissions here.

Photo Essay

“State Affair” (October 2012)
For 11 days at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, we celebrate. We ride Ferris wheels, eat funnel cakes, and win prizes. But more important than what we do is the reason we do it. Since 1853, this fair has honored North Carolina agriculture. Behind those midway lights, farm families present their finest, from their best cows to their prettiest pumpkins. And they invite you to join them. This October, take a ride, eat something sweet, and say thank you to the people who make the most of our land. Photography by Jessie Gladin-Kramer.


Pumpkin Belgian Waffles (February 2012)
This recipe for Pumpkin Belgian Waffles was featured in a story about the Inn on Mill Creek, an Asheville-area bed and breakfast. The recipe is just one of those on the breakfast menu at the Inn and the innkeepers were kind enough to share it with us.


“Our Carolina Cakes” (February 2012)
Our “Carolina Cakes” feature in February was a popular one. In this video, Our State recipe testers and food stylists Wendy Perry and Teresa Williford prepare our Carolina cakes for the photo shoot. Learn more about how these exclusive Our State recipes were developed and just what makes them so tasty. Video produced exclusively for Our State magazine by Jenny Tenney.

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15 Responses to Readers’ Choice Winners: The Best of Our State 2012

  1. Martie Wills says:

    I am a long-time resident of Virginia and am proud of her history and natural features. But as far as I am concerned, there is no place more pleasant or welcoming as North Carolina. As one reader mentioned, he “got here as fast as I could.” I am still working on that, but my goal is to just get there! One day I promise I will be able to say I live in North Carolina. Until then I will soak up all the wonder through OUR STATE.

  2. Amy Jo says:

    LOVE LOVE Wendy Perry’s recipes and food stylin’
    More More More in 2013 please!
    Delicious, Beautiful, North Carolina Goodness!

  3. Bob Fritz says:

    North Carolina is a state of fond memories for me, and the magazine brings them back, I met my wife in North Carolina, we married and honeymooned there, my parents are buried there, my brother and sisters attended college at UNC and Wake Forest, and all live or lived in North Carolina for a major part of their lives. I have great fishing memories in the surf on the Outer Banks, great barbecue and Brunswick stew at places all over the state, and memories of Carolina and Duke basketball games. I have visited the Richard Petty Museum and the USS North Carolina memorial, the North Carolina Zoo and bluegrass festivals. Our State brings me back to the good stuff, and removes me from the frustration of living in a state run by idiots (California) and the pressures of work.

  4. Michelle N. says:

    The “State Affair” Photo Essay was exquisite – – definitely “best in show”.

  5. Janet Moss says:

    Our State is my favorite magazine. I always read Elizabeth’s letter first and always enjoy it. I love reading the letters from readers and then check to see if there are any of my favorite places in NC featured in the magazine. My only problem is that I never want to get rid of them and even if I loan them to my mother or sister, I always get them back and there’s no place to store them anymore!

  6. Connie Harris says:

    Being raised in NC listening to Doc Watson’s music has been interesting and a cultural experience for anyone that has never heard him. We lost Doc and his wife this year. My family and I would love to see this cover and his story win Best of 2012. Doc was the main attraction to MerleFest for the past 25 years. He will truly be missed.

  7. Each month I read Our State magazine from cover to cover. I’ve lived in NC most of my life, traveled it from the coast to the mountains. Still, from Our State magazine, I learn so much that I never knew or experienced about the state I call home. And there are those stories that bring back wonderful memories of trips and experiences. Thank you!

  8. Jim Parker says:

    I new there were reasons I love my home state just couldn’t put into works. Thanks for doing it for me each month.

  9. Cheryl Lentz says:

    These weren’t listed as choices for favorite stories, but “A Cedar for Christmas” by Margaret Maron and “Three A.M. and the Stars Were Out” by Ron Rash were my absolute favorites for the year. These and other stories are in the Dec. 2012 issue. Why were they not included in the contest? Our State magazine is the best!

    Cheryl Lentz
    Bostic, NC

  10. Sara Dykstra says:

    I most enjoy the beautiful photography and the recipes. I was born in N.C. but now live
    in California,but Our State brings me home every month.

  11. Linda Bolz says:

    I love all the magazines. There is always something that always hits close to home for everyone each month to bring back a memory

  12. Linda Nicholson says:

    Elizabeth, you are the best thing about Our State! Each month, I turn to “your” page and react to your words with a smile, a tear and often, both.

  13. Phyllis Snow says:

    I really like the Our State magazine and read it cover to cover, when I am finished I share them with my neighbor. I’m a transplant from NH and have found this to be a beautiful state and the people are great.

  14. Charles F. Jackson Sr. says:

    I was born in South Carolina, but I got here as fast as I could.

  15. Betty Hinkle says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Our State.. I was born in NC and every time I receive a magazine, I want to pack a back and head North… I go every year but can’t stay long enough. Keep up the good work. Reading your magazine is the next best thing to being there. I love it.
    Thank you very much…

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