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The Language of Flowers

Until recently, flowers never spoke to me; certainly not the way they spoke to my grandmother.

In Search Of Safe Places

There's something we all want — a living connection of compassion.

From The Booth

Reflecting on life in a place where it's somehow 30 years ago as much as it’s today.

Beauty Is In the Eye…

My mother sees with her heart. And I don’t know of a more beautiful sight than that.

A Wish for Christmas

What we all wish for — for ourselves and everyone we love, and not just at Christmastime but always...

Full Service

We didn’t call it customer service. Instead, it was, simply, kindness.

It Was a Good Lunch

I miss those meals. I miss being handed a tray of something, no choices.

A Midsummer Classic

Here is July 1: the 182nd day of the year, the halfway point, the midsection of 2014, with 183...

Animal Rescue

I hope that whatever you’re running toward, it’s a mighty good place.