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The Big Freeze

For about 10 days in 1917 and 1918, the waters from the Great Dismal Swamp to the Outer Banks iced over, trapping humans, animals, and boats. Eastern N.C. lay paralyzed, waiting for the thaw.
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Jug Tucker Band: Bluegrass at the Beach

Jug Tucker draws inspiration from both sides of our state.
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Where Sand Meets Sky: Jockey’s Ridge

The Outer Banks’ Jockey’s Ridge, the East Coast’s largest sand dune, is a force of nature that never stops changing and never ceases to envelop those in its path.
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Catch and Cook

At a young age, Kevin McCabe learned that good meals come from the water on the Outer Banks.
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Portsmouth Island: The Loneliest Land

Uninhabited Portsmouth Island is difficult to reach, lacks the most basic comforts, and has brutal conditions — yet is beloved by those who find comfort in its simplicity.
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Water Ways

If you wanted to fish or duck hunt in Currituck County and its namesake sound, you needed to know the man who knew the water. For visitors a long way from home, that man was Frank Carter, a beloved, trusted sporting guide for almost 50 years.
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A Separate Peace

The war reaches North Carolina, but pacifists in the Old North State secretly oppose the Confederacy.
(Volume 1, Part 7)
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Sound Stories

Jonathan Robinson, Ernest Davis, and Margaret Willis have spent their lives on North Carolina sounds. In their own words, they share stories that reveal a spirit that endures in spite of change.
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The Oyster Way

It’s sometimes raw and sometimes steamed and sometimes fried. It never moves. But it always works. And we should be kinder to it. The oyster is good to us.
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Maritime Hero

By the time he became the first black keeper of a United States Life-Saving Service station, Richard Etheridge had overcome slavery, war, and racism.
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