April 2013

ONLINE EXCLUSIVES The Great North Carolina Getaway: Every North Carolina town has something unique that sets it apart. Experience four great destinations in one exclusive getaway package! Our State’s Blueberry Recipe Collection: Submit your favorite recipe that includes blueberries as an ingredient and it may be selected as part of our Blueberry Recipe Collection presented […]

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  • The Great North Carolina Getaway: Every North Carolina town has something unique that sets it apart. Experience four great destinations in one exclusive getaway package!
  • Our State’s Blueberry Recipe Collection: Submit your favorite recipe that includes blueberries as an ingredient and it may be selected as part of our Blueberry Recipe Collection presented by the North Carolina Blueberry Council.
  • Drive & Revive at Grove Park: Enjoy a relaxing spa and golf weekend at the world-renowned Grove Park Inn and Spa Resort.
  • Our State Eats: We’re looking for online food contributors for Our State Eats, the magazine’s new food blog.
  • The Dixie Diva Interview: See how Charlotte blacksmith Steve Watkins carved a new business out of forging custom knives for chefs.
  • Plant This Not That: Plan expert Tony Avent of Plant Delights in Raleigh tells us how to create more interesting and creative gardens with a few simple substitutions.
  • Creamy Artichoke Bisque from the McNinche House Restaurant: Ellen Davis of the McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte shares her recipe for creamy artichoke bisque.
  • What the Locals Know: Morehead City: Heading to the coast soon? A few locals in Morehead City share where to go and what to do while in town.
  • Sharing At The Table: We’ve collected your favorite recipes for church suppers, get-togethers, and picnics. This month we’re sharing them in our monthly recipe newsletter.
  • Sweepstakes & Giveaways: Click for a listing of current sweepstakes.


Peace in the Valley

Photography by Julian Charles
There may be no better place to experience the serenity and calm of springtime in our state than right here on the edge of the mountains where the foothills roll into the Yadkin Valley. Beneath a canopy of fresh green, take your first springtime walk through Julian Price Memorial Park at the foot of Grandfather Mountain in the high country, then head east, where the land drops and bows its head.


The Civil War: The Getaway by Philip Gerard

Photography courtesy of Lela Parvin Currier
A Yankee fighting for the South is taken as a prisoner of war.
(Volume 3, Part Four)

Herb’s Pit Bar-B-Que by Fred Sauceman

Photography by Emily Chaplin
In a remote corner of western North Carolina, just before you cross the state line, a second generation of Gibsons keeps the pit stoked.

At Home in the Southern Wild by Michael Graff

Photography by Travis Dove
At the North Carolina Zoo in Randolph County, gorillas live like us in many ways. They play. They fight. They love. And we love them back.

The Church Supper by Bill Smith

Photography by Lissa Gotwals
As a child, Bill Smith split his time between two churches, the Presbyterian and the Catholic. And both gave him something delicious to look forward to.

The Deviled Egg Dish by Andrea Weigl

Photography by Matt Hulsman
The deviled egg is revered. It’s both the symbol and the centerpiece for every covered-dish dinner or picnic you’ve ever attended. And it’s always carried in on its own special dish – and often by a special woman.

Always on Sunday by Jeri Rowe

Photography by Joshua Curry
Designed as a park to encourage visitation, Wilmington’s Oakdale Cemetery was the first cemetery in North Carolina to be part of a national Rural Garden Cemetery Movement, a place for family to celebrate the living as well as the dead.

Dinner on the Grounds

The covered dish. The church picnic. The Wednesday night supper. North Carolina’s communal gatherings embrace the spirit of faith, fellowship, and food.

Garden of Eaten by Julia Sayers

Photography by Cheryl Zibisky
The homemade food and welcoming atmosphere at the Garden of Eaten encourage nonmembers to venture into the church, too.

Open Hearts Bakery by Sarah Perry

Photography by Cheryl Zibisky
Ophelia Hart ran a bakery for 25 years in Lake Junaluska before settling in Morganton, where she lent her time, her expertise, and her recipes to the all-volunteer operation.

Wednesday Night Supper by David Hall

Photography by Janet Carter
Congregants gather in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church in Kinston on Wednesday night for an evening meal and midweek reflection.

The Hot Dog Church by Jimmy Tomlin

Illustration by Joseph Edwards
They don’t call Greensboro’s Carraway United Methodist Church “The Hot Dog Church” for nothing. Oh sure, any church can fire up the grill and sell a few hot dogs to pad the benevolence fund, but this is different.

Whole Truth Lunchroom by Emily Wallace

Photography by Geoff Wood
It’s a simple but genuine recipe at Whole Truth. Home cooking fills your belly and nourishes your soul.

Faith and Food by Tommy Tomlinson

Illustration by
The desire to feed is baked into the language of the church.

The Church Cookbook by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell
For so many in North Carolina, compiling or contributing to a church cookbook is another way to serve.



Old Recipes by Elizabeth Hudson

Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell

Our State Quiz

Carolina Festivals by Alan Hodge

Photography by Brian Leon
From hot-air balloons to caterpillar races, our festivals may be a little quirky, but they’re a whole lot of fun.

Carolina Culture

Porcelain with Personality by Heidi Coryell Williams

Photography by Emily Chaplin
A mixed-media artist in Asheville travels the world in search of rare-breed farm animals that inspire his handcrafted collectibles.

Dixie Diva by Sarah Perry

Photography by Stacey Van Berkel
A farm girl from Thomasville discovered her voice and became an international opera star.

Literary Heritage by Evan Markfield

Illustration by Jason Chenier
An online database tracks authors and the local towns where their stories are set.

Three-Cow Town by Sarah Junek

Photography by Cheryl Zibisky
In West Jefferson, the cows point the way.

Book Review

Tar Heel Town

Morehead City by Leah Hughes

Photography by Joshua Curry
In the hub of Carteret County, the water is where people work and where they play.

Tar Heel History

War in the Water by Michael Graff

Photography courtesy of Outer Banks History Center
During World War II, coastal residents turned out their lights and waited in silence for German U-boats to sink another ship. The submarines lurking in the Atlantic crippled the coast with fear and claimed nearly 5,000 lives.

Good Food

An Elegant Occasion by Kathleen Purvis

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
The McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte is comfortable enough to be home and formal enough for a celebration.

Coming Together Again by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Matt Hulsman
A graduating class from Charlotte reunites through shared recipes.


Bill’s Biscuits by Leah Hughes

Photography by Jon Carter
These circles of bread are an important tradition for a family in Haw River.

Peach Buds by Alex Dixon

Photography by Brent Clark
Fruity little candies are coming off the line again in Nashville.

Carolina Gardening

The Place He Imagined by Emily Wallace

Photography by Lissa Gotwals
Tony Avent never outgrew his childhood dream to run a nationally recognized nursery in his Raleigh backyard. So he made it happen.

Sweet Shrub by Leah Hughes

Photography by Sarah Gilley
The smell is only the start of this plant’s story.

Dates and Events

Eagles of Jordan Lake by Katie Saintsing

Photography by Denise Worden
Visit the Triangle for a glimpse of our nation’s iconic bird.

5 Things Every North Carolinian Should Do This Month

Wake Tech Culinary Arts Showcase, Diamond Jubilee Azalea Garden Tour, Grand Opening of Kure Beach Oceanfront Park, “Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware”, Badin Centennial Parade.

Tar Heel Image

Moment of Reflection by Travis Smith of Lillington
Rhodes Pond near Dunn.