February 2014



Historic Kitchens

By Emily Chaplin


Walking Through the Hall with a Legend

By Tim Crothers
Photography by Travis Dove
The achievements chronicled at the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame elicit “Where were you?” queries from older generations, and “Who’s that?” exclamations from young fans. Coach Bill Guthridge has an answer to both questions: That’s him on the sidelines.

Pie vs. Cake

By Scott Huler and Kathleen Purvis
There can only be one best. And when it comes to dessert, the choice really comes down to two: pie or cake (better luck next time, ice cream). To help settle the debate once and for all, we’ve asked masters and critics of the sweet science of baking to weigh in on which slice deserves the title of greatest of all time – or at least the best to eat with a cold glass of milk.

An Ode to Pie Perfection

By Michael Parker
Handheld and made to last (and last and last), convenience-store fried pies hold a special place in the hearts of many.

Love by the Slice

By Jill Warren Lucas
Photography by Lissa Gotwals
It’s not on the menu, but PieBird’s crusted offerings have led to at least one trip down the aisle.

A Foothills Twist on Pie: The Sonker

By Andrea Weigl
Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell
Born of mysterious origins – each family’s recipe different from the next – this sweet, deep-dish confection is a celebrated part of North Carolina’s culinary landscape.

Easy as Pie {or a Piece of Cake}

By Bryan Mims
Photography by Jimmy Williams
Nancie McDermott – a North Carolina author who wrote the book(s) on Southern cakes and pies – weighs in on the benefits of making a mess in the kitchen.

A Carolina Cake Tour

By Sheri Castle
Illustrations by Jessica Roux
Five iconic North Carolina cakes lead us on a sweet stroll across The Old North State – from the Blue Ridge Mountains all the way to the Outer Banks. Each tells a bit of our story, one cake plate at a time.

Perfect Pound Cake

By James Villas
Photography by Matt Hulsman
James Beard Award-winning author explains why the deceptively simple pound cake holds such an esteemed place in the pantheon of North Carolina cuisine – and shares how to make one worthy of its stature.



And Dance by the Light of the Moon

By Elizabeth Hudson
Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell

Our State Quiz

Sugar and Spice

By Alan Hodge
Illustrations by Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera
Pull up a chair, pour some coffee, and let your sweet tooth guide you through this month’s quiz on Tar Heel desserts.

State Symbols

Flight of Fancy

By Wilton Barnhardt
Illustration by Kyle T. Webster
The cardinal represents North Carolina, but maybe a vanished breed should be our state bird.

Carolina Culture

The Wilderness Poet

By Heidi Coryell Williams
Photography by Matt Rose
At home in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, naturalist and writer George Ellison and his artist wife, Elizabeth, find peace and inspiration.

One Man’s Trash

By Tim Bass
Photography by Joshua Curry
Bits and pieces, scraps and slivers: For Mark Bannerman, every little object is a treasure.

Living-Room Concerts

By Katie Saintsing
Photography by Brent Clark
In a quiet corner of Durham, a neighborhood clubhouse moonlights as a roots-music venue.

A Home for the Arts

By Georgia Cassady
Photography by Bill Jarrett
When art lovers in Yadkinville repurposed a long-empty building downtown, they got the cultural anchor they knew had been missing.

Tar Heel Town


By Bryan Mims
Photography by Brent Clark
For the highway traveler with stiff muscles and an empty belly, this town is a perfect stop.

Tar Heel History


By Chuck McShane
Photography courtesy of State Archives of North Carolina
Demands for higher pay and a 40-hour workweek ignite a furor in Gastonia in 1929.

Carolina ‘Cue

McCall’s Bar-B-Que

By T. Edward Nickens
Photography by Travis Dove
These two men do barbecue on a big scale, but not by sacrificing quality. In barbecue-loving Goldsboro, they wouldn’t dare.

The Civil War

Deserters and Outliers

By Philip Gerard
Illustration by David Stanley
Tar Heel soldiers grow weary of war and leave their regiments – only to fight for the North. (Volume 4, Part Two)

Good Food

Burgers and Bottle Caps

By Emily Wallace
Photography by Geoff Wood
At Corbett’s Burgers & Soda Bar in Cary, choose from more than 250 bottled sodas to enjoy with your meal.

Small-Town Secrets

By Jeffrey Turner
Photography by Matt Hulsman
A cookbook from Tarboro reveals a town’s best recipes.


Winter Farmers Markets

By Jeffrey Turner
Photography by Matt Hulsman
North Carolina ranks third in the nation in the number of winter farmers markets. Find out what makes these six winter markets worth a visit.

Out & About

The Little Brown Shack Out Back

By Rachael Duane
Photography by Kelly Donaldson
Sapphire Valley’s Outhouse Races look like foolery. But pure devotion usually does.

Tar Heel Image

Snow Shadows: Stone Mountain State Park
By Joel Woodruff of Granite Falls

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