January 2013

The real reason we stock up on milk in winter? Snow cream! Why everyone is listening to the Avett Brothers. How we helped Neil & Buzz go to the moon.



Ready for Takeoff by Michael Graff

Photography by Travis Dove


The Civil War: Religion in the Ranks: Chapter I of II by Philip Gerard

Image courtesy of University of North Carolina Music Library at Chapel Hill
For most Christians living in the Confederacy, there is no doubt in their minds: God is on their side.
(Volume 3, Part One)

Carolina ‘Cue

Grady’s Barbecue by Emily Wallace

Photography by Geoff Wood
Eating barbecue at this Dudley restaurant is simple, but running the place requires some sacrifices.

The Avett Brothers by Michael Kruse

Photography by Daniel Coston, Brent Clark, and Mike Beyer
There were two boys, Scott and Seth Avett, in Corcord. And then there were THE AVETT BROTHERS. This is the story of the in-between – how the band that sounds like where it’s from got from here to the world.

Living Moving Art by Micheal Graff

Photography by Travis Dove
Vollis Simpson and his vast hands molded metal into artwork for decades. And when the rust is gone, his giant, vibrant sculptures will stand tall in a Wilson field, blowing in eastern North Carolina breezes for years to come and for thousands to see.

Homespun Denim by Leah Hughes

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Raleigh Denim and Greensboro’s Cone Denim employ old-fashioned methods to make the most timeless garment in our closets – jeans – even more timeless than before.

Rocking in Place by Jeremy Markovich

Photography by Travis Dove
The Troutman Chair factory outside of Statesville has made some of the best rockers anywhere since 1924 – long before becoming a Charlotte airport staple. And because little has changed, they’re better than ever.

Where Sand Meets Sky by Sarah Perry

Photography by Ray Matthews
The Outer Banks’ Jockey’s Ridge, the East Coast’s largest sand dune, is a force of nature that never stops changing and never ceases to envelop those in its path.



Snow Cream, Simply by Elizabeth Hudson

Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell

Our State Quiz

North Carolina New Year by Alan Hodge

Photography by Troy Herring
The strange and spectacular traditions that help us celebrate.

Carolina Culture

License Plate Special by Davis Menconi

Photography by Brent Clark
A North Carolina artist recycles license plates, builds custom guitars, and sells them to celebrities and Tar Heels alike.

Southern Newcomer by Emily Wallace

Photography by Brent Clark
Marjorie Hudson, a born Midwesterner, never considered herself a Southern author. Then she became a Tar Heel.

Lit from the Inside by Katie Saintsing

Photography by Doris Rudd
The Haw River Ballroom uses salvaged materials from its past to create new memories.

Book Review

Photography by Bert VanderVeen

Tar Heel Town

Mount Olive by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Lissa Gotwals
When your hometown is famous for its namesake pickle company, you don’t mind saying you grew up across the street from a pickle plant.

Tar Heel History

To the Moon, From Chapel Hill by Monica Byrne

Photography courtesy of University of North Carolina Library at Chapel Hill
Nearly every U.S. astronaut until 1975 – yes, including Neil, Buzz, John, and Alan – trained at Morehead Planetarium. That’s where they learned to navigate outer space.

Good Food

New Year’s Meal by David Walbert

Photography by Matt Hulsman
Many North Carolinians eat similar good-luck dishes, but do they know why?

Nothing Fancy by J. Brian Ewing

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Rectangular blocks of pork wrapped in butcher paper sustain a Greensboro company for 96 years.

Clams from the Cape Fear by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Matt Hulsman
A Wilmington cookbook contains the region’s best recipes.


Old Mill of Guilford by Emily Burniston

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Whether they come for necessity or nostalgia, steady customers keep this Oak Ridge landmark in business.

Carolina Gardening

The Flower Ladies by Josh Shaffer

Photography by Lissa Gotwals
Membership in The Garden Club of North Carolina doesn’t require a tea dress or an etiquette course, but a pair of gloves and a strong work ethic are recommended.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Leah Hughes

Photography by
The folklore behind this plant’s name tries to describe its unusual shape.

Dates and Events

Waterfall Byway by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Lori Walden
The one road to drive to see the season’s beauty.

5 Things Every North Carolinian Should Do This Month

North Carolina Museum of Art, an Evening with Maya Angelou, trout fishing, Amy Grant in concert, and Cape Fear Museum.

Tar Heel Image

Roadside Sampler by Stewart Plemmons of Jacksonville Beach, Florida
N.C. Highway 63, Madison County