May 2013

ONLINE EXCLUSIVES Camping Gear Giveaway: Are you ready to explore the land of the long leaf pine? Enter to win an MSR tent, Thermorest bags, an Osprey pack, and more from Great Outdoor Provision Co. North Carolina Summer Road Trip: Hit the open road and explore North Carolina, courtesy of Summit Hospitality. Enter to win […]

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  • Camping Gear Giveaway: Are you ready to explore the land of the long leaf pine? Enter to win an MSR tent, Thermorest bags, an Osprey pack, and more from Great Outdoor Provision Co.
  • North Carolina Summer Road Trip: Hit the open road and explore North Carolina, courtesy of Summit Hospitality. Enter to win an exclusive North Carolina Summer Road Trip and build your itinerary with stops across the state.
  • Our State’s Blueberry Recipe Collection: Submit your favorite recipe that includes blueberries as an ingredient and it may be selected as part of our Blueberry Recipe Collection presented by the North Carolina Blueberry Council.
  • Summer Reading List: Back by popular demand! Sign up to receive exclusive reading suggestions from some of the best local bookstores in North Carolina.
  • The Happy Valley Pals: We can already hear that fiddle! Watch The Happy Valley Pals perform the little-known genre of traditional Piedmont music.
  • Bringing Home The Light: Cape Fear Lighthouse Lens: The 1903 Cape Fear Lighthouse was demolished in 1958. Now meet the people who are rebuilding the 12,000-pound Fresnel lens that once lit the night’s sky over the mouth of the river.
  • North Carolina Lighthouse Quiz: How well do you know North Carolina lighthouses? Take the quiz online today.
  • A Song for Hatteras: After writing “Under the Hatteras Light” for this issue, writer Philip Gerard was inspired to write a song about his love of the landmark.
  • Chef Keith Rhodes Talks Food in Wilmington: The award-winning chef talks about his favorite foods to cook, the growing coastal food scene, and why he buys local.
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Bald Head Island

Photography by Emily Chaplin
It’s a small place, this barrier island at the southern end of the state. About three miles long. About two miles wide. A perfect ecosystem in a triangle of migratory marshland, maritime forest, and ocean beach. You get here by boat or not at all, pulled into the harbor by way of the Cape Fear River. Cars are not permitted – nothing with a combustion engine – and everything is slow going, slow growing, slow moving. Barrier islands protect island areas – without Bald Head Island, there’d be no Wilmington. But who speaks for this place? We do.


The Civil War: Writing the War by Philip Gerard

Type Illustration by Jason Chenier
A Catawba County native becomes a trusted correspondent in a time when battle stories are sensational.
(Volume 3, Part Five)

Carolina ‘Cue

Sims Country Bar-B-Que by Derek Lacey

Photography by Cheryl Zibisky
Whether you come for barbecue or bluegrass music, this shed in Granite Falls is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Battery Park Book Exchange by Katie Saintsing

Photography by Steven McBride
At this eclectic bookstore in Asheville’s Grove Arcade, wine and espresso entice as many customers as the 30,000 gently used books. Here, old and new collide in a rich, decadent decor that resembles the arcade’s original purpose: to create an ambiance of extravagance.

Annual Coastal Issue

Coastal Pioneers

Photo Illustration by Joseph Edwards
We call them adventurers. Wanderers. Trailblazers. Stargazers. For the next 95 pages, listen to the stories of North Carolina’s coastal dreamers. These are the kite flyers, the homesteaders, the bridge tenders, the fishermen. Some were born here; some found their way later – but each one made a mark in the sand and changed the way we see our coast.

The Generator Society by Michael Kruse

Photography by Matt Hulsman
See behind the scenes photos.
Nineteen families found a raw barrier island in the 1970s and made it theirs. They took advantage of the hardscrabble, primitive playground that was Bald Head Island and developed a vision for this place that still holds true.

The Men Who Reinvented Fishing by Michael Graff

Photography by Travis Dove
Capt. Ernie Foster is likely the last captain in the original family of sport fishing – his father started the first charter boat in North Carolina in 1937. Now this Hatteras captain works to keep the family fleet that fishes for fun in harmony with neighbors who fish for profit.

On the Edge of Everything by Michael Graff

Photography by Travis Dove
On Harkers Island, locals like Karen Amspacher fight for what they believe in. And these people want to know two things: Where are you from? And what do you stand for?

The Simplest Flying Machine by Sarah Perry

Photography by Chris Hannant
See behind the scenes photos.
John Harris learned to fly in the 1970s with a piece of nylon. And still today, whether he’s holding a kite string in his hands on the Nags Head beach or strapping a hang glider to his back on Jockey’s Ridge, he enjoys knowing that the only thing keeping the contraption aloft is the breeze beneath him.

The Bridge by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Brent Clark
At least four generations of travelers have crossed the swing bridge that connects mainland North Carolina to Topsail Island. After so many people and so many years, the bridge has become a landmark. It marks a vacation’s beginning and end. It’s wonderfully out of step. It has a lot of character. And soon, it may be gone.

From Fire, Light by T. Edward Nickens

Photo Illustration by Joseph Edwards
How can a singular beacon represent so much? Our seven lighthouses powerfully reflect our own values – of innovation, endurance, and strength.

Under the Hatteras Light by Philip Gerard

When he was a teenager, Philip Gerard left Delaware to discover himself. He had nothing but a sleeping bag, clothes, a backpack, a stove, and a canteen. Then he found a personal guide in the Hatteras Light. Watch Gerard perform an original song inspired by this essay.

The Story of Your Steak by Leah Hughes

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Perhaps the most important part of the dining experience – the middle step – is the least recognized. The invisible men and women who care for our food before it reaches the restaurant are largely forgotten. For nearly 60 years, Southern Foods in Greensboro has been delivering the best meats, cheeses, and chocolates. And we never knew.



A Lighthouse, From Within by Elizabeth Hudson

Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell

Our State Quiz

Carolina Seashells by Alan Hodge

Photography by Jeffery M. Boykin
These treasures are scattered on our shores, hiding in plain sight.

Carolina Culture

Old-Time Sound by Sarah Junek

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Members of the Happy Valley Pals band preserve traditional Piedmont music.

Friday Night Sock Hop by David Hall

Photography by Ric Carter and Brent Clark
A Greenville radio show enchants listeners with nostalgic music.

Big, Bold, and Lifelike by Claire Parker

Photography by Sean Ruttkay
Sean Ruttkay’s coastal photography is life-size and captures rare moments.

Book Review

Tar Heel Town

Carthage by Kimberly Johnson

Photography by Emily Chaplin
No matter how you get to this Moore County town – by buggy, by car, or by plane – once you reach its center, you’ll like what you find.

Tar Heel History

Fastest Monkey in the World by Jimmy Tomlin

Illustration by David Stanley
The biggest, tallest, truest tale in NASCAR history happened in 1953 on a half-mile dirt track in Hickory. A monkey named Jocko Flocko beat 26 other drivers to take home the checkered flag.

Good Food

A Seat at the Bar by Jeremy Markovich

Photography by Emily Chaplin
The Admiral in West Asheville is more than a place for drinks, unless that’s all you want it to be.

Eastern Bounty by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Matt Hulsman
The Chocowinity community provides plenty of recipes and inspiration.


The Fudgeboat by Emily Burniston

Photography by Brent Clark
This boat is landlocked in Carolina Beach, but it still offers a sweet trip.

Roanoke’s Emerald by Kristin Davis

Photography by Chris Hannant
These formal gardens on the Outer Banks honor our English heritage.

Sea Oats by Leah Hughes

Photography by Ray Matthews
These native grasses are pretty accents and tough defenders.

Dates and Events

Winston-Salem Centennial by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Jay Sinclair
Discover how two smaller towns made one successful city.

5 Things Every North Carolinian Should Do This Month

Dismal Swamp Canal, Emancipation Proclamation, LEAF Festival, Bird Islands Cruise, and Ramp Festival

Tar Heel Image

An Evening Swim by Karen Wiles of Hampstead
Intracoastal Waterway near Hampstead