November 2010

The sportsman’s heritage in North Carolina: Fly-fishing in western North Carolina, birding on the Outer Banks, and historic North Carolina hunting lodges.


Dwellings of Light by Michael Graff

Some of North Carolina’s oldest house of worship stand as symbols of how faith endures through time.


The Sportsman’s Heritage

For survival and in search of adventure, North Carolinians have always headed outdoors. Here we share six stories that celebrate the traditions and history born of a land too inviting to resist.

The Blessing of the Hounds by Shannon Farlow

Hunters and hounds gather reverently on Thanksgiving Day. Soon, they will burst across Hobby Field on the heels of Codie Hayes, who was born to lead them in the pursuit of tradition and glory.

Heart of the Hunter by T. Edward Nickens

Hunting is, by definition, a sport. But it is not a game. To hunt is to grasp the elemental connection between ourselves and the natural world we inhabit.

Wings Over Water by Molly Harrison

Serious birders come to the Outer Banks festival with a single goal – to spot a bird unlike any other they’ve ever seen. Others climb into canoes and hike into the wetlands to explore eastern North Carolina’s natural spaces.

  • Web Exclusive Video: Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park & Eco-Center in Scotland Neck teaches visitors about the importance of waterfowl and their natural habitats. Visit Sylvan Heights in this segment from “Our State,” the television program.

Fishing Western Waters by Troy Baker

Where well-stocked waters and gorgeous settings add up to the perfect day.

Deluxe Playground by Chip Womick

In the early to mid-20th century, North Carolina was a popular hunting destination for wealthy sportsmen. Among the many hunting lodges they built in the Piedmont, Fairview Park stood out for its luxurious amenities.

Sound Story by Jim Washington

Telling Currituck Sound’s story comes naturally to Sharon Meade, curator of the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education.  The story is her own.


A Marine’s Purpose by Bill Thompson

For nearly 30 years, Rich Daniels devoted himself to the country and the military. Now, in retirement, he’s able to turn his attention to artwork, rediscovering a childhood passion.

The Apple Teacher by Kathy Norcross Watts

On seven acres of land in Alamance County, a high school chemistry teacher preserves his family farm and Southern food traditions.

Instrument of the Islands by Kevin Maurer

In Wilmington, the North Carolina Ukulele Academy brings home the sound of the islands.

  • Web Exclusive Video: Meet North Carolina Ukulele Academy instructor Kent Knorr and his students in this Our State exclusive video.
  • Web Exclusive Video: In a second Our State video, Kent Knorr proves that the ukulele can indeed satisfy any musical craving, from bluegrass to classic rock to traditional ukulele music.


Welcome to Our State

Blessings of Peace by Elizabeth Hudson

Our State Quiz

Tar Heel Troops by Alan Hodge

Since the Boy Scouts of America began in 1910, North Carolinians have participated in all aspects of the organization. Follow the trail to the correct answers for this month’s quiz on scouting in our state.

Tar Heel Books and Music

Book Reviews

That’s My Dad by Margo Knight Metzger

After putting aside his professional music dreams to support his family, Gene Knight and his band, Sidetrack, release an eclectic new bluegrass album.

  • Web Exclusive: Hear select songs from the album Rowdy to Reverent from Sidetrack.

Telling Nature’s Story by Chip Womick

The Liberty Nature Research Library preserves one man’s lifelong love of the outdoors and shares it with everyone who pulls a title from the shelves.

Tar Heel Humor

The Way Things Really Are by Daniel Wallace

Tar Heel Towns

Blowing Rock by Leigh Ann Henion

In the small town in the mountains, the people look after nature, and nature looks after the people.

Tar Heel History

Fire Horse Fred by Vicky Eckenrode

For 165 years, the state’s oldest chartered fire department has collected plenty of tales worth telling. Fire Horse Fred is one of them, and, now on duty at the New Bern Firemen’s Museum, he remains a beloved mascot.

Tar Heel People

Lucky’s Plott by Jeri Rowe

Driving home after work one day eight years ago, Libby Bagby passed a dying dog on the side of the road. Now, the fully recovered Plott hound travels around the state with her as a symbol of North Carolina – and a living lesson on compassion.

  • Web Exclusive: Editor Elizabeth Hudson recounts how Libby and Lucky’s story became an Our State story as well.

Carolina Arts

Ancient Etchings by Ashley Wahl

Raising a family and pursuing a career with equal devotion, Kevin Cagle spends a lot of time at his kitchen table. The beauty of the art he creates there may be open doors to a wider world.

Tar Heel Tastes

Regular Crowd by Amy Joyner

After working in other people’s kitchens for 29 years, Ricky Bullins bought Bob’s Restaurant in Madison and turned it into a place where he wants to be. A good-size group of customers feels the same way.

Carolina Kitchen

Twists on Tradition by Charlotte Fekete and Elizabeth Nelson

Thanksgiving’s turkey tradition poses a challenge. We can’t imagine not serving the bird on our holiday tables. At the same time, we often long for a new twist. Our recipes this month offer an updated option for the main meal and a fresh suggestion for leftovers.

Tar Heel Gardening

Fervent Color by L.A. Jackson

With its brilliant berries and hardy nature, pyracantha prospers in North Carolina gardens.

Dates & Events

Literary Tradition by Sarah Fauser

The state’s talented writing community convenes in Charlotte to celebrate the North Carolina Writers’ Network’s silver anniversary.

Tar Heel Images

Making Bread by Melissa Cockman of Sherrills Ford

Biscuits are simple – flour, shortening, buttermilk – but in Sherrills Ford, Inez Harwell Gabriel’s 92-year-old hands knead a taste of home into every precise circle.