November 2013

Heroes Made Here: How we salute our 800,000 veterans – and our K9 patriots, too. Plus, the most patriotic man in North Carolina and a story of service at Fort Bragg that you’ll never forget.

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  • Meet the Writer: Kevin Maurer: We sat down with Kevin Maurer – a reporter who was embedded with U.S forces in Iraq and Afghanistan – to talk about Pineland, the fictional rebel compound in central N.C. used in special forces training.
  • Purple Heart Ceremony: See photographs and hear audio recordings from the fifth annual Purple Heart Dinner at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church.
  • Durham Bakeries: Did the story about Loaf in Durham put you in the mood for a freshly baked pastry? Find our list of 27 bakeries in Durham where you can satisfy your craving.
  • Symphony Soundtrack: Listen to a soundtrack curated by Grant Llewellyn, music director of the N.C. Symphony, featuring classical music written and performed by North Carolinians.
  • Recipes & Rootbeer: Meet Chef David Moore from Charlotte’s Gallery Restaurant and learn more about Mooresville’s Uncle Scott’s Root Beer.
  • Sweepstakes and Giveaways: Click for a listing of current sweepstakes and promotions.


An American Wilderness by Sarah Perry

Photography by Emily Chaplin
During the Great Depression, the federal government purchased unused farmland in North Carolina’s Piedmont as part of a New Deal rehabilitation project. Thirty years later, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed this land the Uwharrie National Forest, designating in the heart of our state. Within the Uwharrie region, which comprises a three-county area, lie mountains – a range older than the Appalachians or the Rockies – and lakes; within the region, too, lies a commitment to conservation, and a dedication to simplicity, resourcefulness, and preserving our heritage.


Patriots of Pineland by Kevin Maurer

Photography by Andrew Craft
“Battles” waged in backyard theaters of war across central North Carolina help prepare U.S. Army Special Forces students for dangerous missions, but they couldn’t do it without residents filling the roles of guerrilla fighters.

They Are Everywhere by Joseph Bathanti

Photography by Andrew Craft
North Carolina has one of the largest populations of veterans in America. Here, combat veterans are chronicling their experiences to create what may be a new genre of 21st-century literature. Our poet laureate shares how he teaches veterans to tell their stories, and what he is learning about combat in the process.

An Honor to Serve by Matt Crossman

Photography by Travis Dove
Rowan County veterans salute comrades a final time with ceremonies befitting their service to our country.

The Most Patriotic Man in North Carolina by Tommy Tomlinson

Photography by Travis Dove
Americans love Old Glory. We proudly wave it, pledge our allegiance to it, and honor it as often as possible. But no one loves our flag more than John Andringa.

Sending a Message by Josh Shaffer

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
When Jennifer Watlington couldn’t find greeting cards for veterans in her hometown, Reidsville, she created her own.

For Their Service and Sacrifice by Jeri Rowe

Photography by Jerry Wolford
Wounded veterans share a common bond. At dinners held across North Carolina honoring Purple Heart recipients, they share even more. They share their stories.

Boogie Woogie Redux by Jimmy Tomlin

Photography by Mathew Haley
Letters From Home – an Andrews Sisters tribute act from the Piedmont – brings fans of the original trio to their feet with World War II-era ditties.

Dogs of War by Bryan Mims

Photography by Andrew Craft
After they complete their military service, K9 veterans find respect, admiration, and plenty of snuggle time from adoptive families.



A Silent Salute by Elizabeth Hudson

Photography by Sara Brennan-Harrell

Our State Quiz

Joyful Noise by Alan Hodge

Illustration by Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera
Across North Carolina, conductors lift batons, musicians ready instruments, and we give thanks for the gift of music.

State Symbols

Venus Flytrap for State Flower by Michael Parker

Illustration by Kyle T. Webster
It already holds the title of state carnivorous plant, and at least one person thinks the swamp-dwelling insect eater should hold the title of official flower, too.

Carolina Culture

Hometown Opry by David Menconi

Photography by Joey and Jessica Seawell
Once a month, a pawnshop transforms into a radio studio, and residents of North Wilksboro rise early to see what happens next.

The Tom Kearney Show by Georgann Eubanks

Photography by Geoff Wood
On weeknights, one gentle voice stands out among the rest.

The Murphy School Radio Show by Scott Huler

Photography by Donna Campbell
Writers, musicians, and friends gather for a variety show – and a good cause.

The Morning Show by Tim Bass

Photography by Joshua Curry
The Over the Hill Gang keeps things lively in downtown Clinton.

Tuning In by Katie Saintsing

North Carolina’s radio pioneers entertained and informed listeners, taking the medium from the coop to the computer.

Tar Heel Town

Columbus by Adam Rhew

Photography by Patrick Cavan Brown
Discover how one western North Carolina town is home to history, creativity, and patriotism.

Tar Heel History

Oceanside Divide by Herbert L. White

A small strip of land near Wilmington entertained thousands of visitors – some famous – during the Jim Crow era in North Carolina.

Carolina ‘Cue

Jack Cobb & Son Barbecue by Bobby Burns

Photography by Brent Clark
How a father-and-son business brought pit-cooked barbecue – and unity – to one eastern North Carolina town.

The Civil War: The Iron Lifeline by Philip Gerard

Illustration by David Stanley
The outcome of the war relies on the strength of the state’s railroads.
(Volume 3, Part Eleven)

Good Food

Durham’s Bakery District by Erin Sroka

Photography Lissa Gotwals
Where to find the city’s best breads, pies, and doughnuts.

Brunswick Stew by Jeffrey Turner

Photography by Matt Hulsman
Find out what one ingredient a Concord church adds to this classic recipe.


Pepsi, Cheerwine – Uncle Scott’s? by Kathleen Purvis

Photography by Matt Hulsman
Why a simple root beer could be the state’s next beverage.

Out & About

Tour of a Higher Calling by Rachael Duane

Photography by Gary Scott
Warsaw’s Veterans Day Celebration inspires a tradition of service and gratitude.

Tar Heel Image

Passage of a Century by Geri Glavis of Greensboro

Pisgah Covered Bridge, Asheboro