death of a pinehurst princess

Death of a Pinehurst Princess: The 1935 Elva Statler Davidson Mystery by Steve Bouser

All the elements of a blockbuster news story are here: a socialite bride, a $1 million inheritance, an older husband of questionable social rank, Yankees misbehaving on Southern soil. Big-city reporters from around the country swarmed Pinehurst in 1935 to
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Lil’ Cheddar Meat Loaves

This cheesy meat loaves recipe comes from Beef Made Easy, a collection of the Ingold family’s favorite beef dishes.
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Roasted Pepper Salad

This roasted red pepper salad from Strawberry, Fruit, and Vegetables Recipes makes a great addition to any salad or sandwich.
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Eggplant Strata

This recipe from Strawberry, Fruit, and Vegetables Recipes combines eggplant, basil, and mozzarella cheese to create a filling dish.
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Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

This frozen pie recipe from A Taste of Shiloh is a delicious cold treat for any peanut butter lover.
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Sound Stories

Jonathan Robinson, Ernest Davis, and Margaret Willis have spent their lives on North Carolina sounds. In their own words, they share stories that reveal a spirit that endures in spite of change.
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Stinson's Ranch, Nags Head, North Carolina

A House Above Water

For 40 years, the Nags Head cottage has beckoned the Stinson family home.
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Time of Your Life

After 23 years, people still love Dirty Dancing, and they returned in droves to Lake Lure — where it all began.
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Caring for Cupola

A walk through the grounds surrounding the Cupola House in downtown Edenton reveals a historically accurate garden maintained by passionate people who are proud of its past.
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’Nana Puddin’

Try this recipe for ‘Nana Puddin’ from Southern Suppers and Such for a traditional Southern dessert.
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