coastal wild

Coastal Wild: Among the Untamed Outer Banks

The photographs are striking, taking advantage of the clarity and intensity of light that characterize the coast, especially in their sunrise and sunset shots. But even more remarkable is their subject matter.
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Savory Summer Pie

This savory pie recipe from Revolutionary Cooks includes tomatoes fresh from the garden.
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Squash Fritters

From Little School House Cook Book, these squash fritters make a delicious side dish.
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Butter Semmel Buns

These sweet and buttery buns from With Heart & Hand are a Moravian staple.
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Pancake Masters

The pancakes at Tex & Shirley’s in Greensboro have been a customer favorite for nearly 40 years. So have the relationships that owner Bart Ortiz continued with diners after buying the restaurant in 1989.

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Flat Rock

With the State Theatre of North Carolina at the center of town and trails and overlooks surrounding it, a village in the mountains produces peace and, for people like the author, connections that last a lifetime.
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Barns Reborn

For 10 years, Roger Dinger looked past old barns as he surveyed land for development and tried not to think about the buildings turning to dust. Today, he salvages their wood and hardware and turns them into works of art in his Siler City workshop.
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Old-Time Peach Crumb Pudding

This easy dessert recipe from Revolutionary Cooks is a great way to use ripe peaches from your favorite orchard.
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Window to the World

Dr. Larry Mellichamp uses the earth’s plants as his compass. Wherever they take him, he always returns to Charlotte where he condenses the continents into one greenhouse.
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Tuna Noodle Casserole

This casserole recipe from Little School House Cook Book is an easy main dish for any day of the week.
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