Swiss Asparagus Casserole

This casserole recipe comes from The Joy of Sharing, which is filled with recipes from the members of Garber United Methodist Church in New Bern. All cookbook proceeds support the church’s missions.
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Where The Road Ends

For 500 years, wild mustangs have roamed the dunes of Corolla, foraging for food and raising their young. As development pushes them into tighter folds, Wesley Stallings stands between the horses and the perils that threaten them.
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Bay Beauty

To former state senator Marc Basnight, Shallowbag Bay is home, the setting for many of his childhood memories. Protecting its pristine shores, along with the rest of the Outer Banks, has fueled much of his drive.
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Thinking Big

Artist Jon Hair doesn’t just create mammoth sculptures. He lives big, striving to create artwork that inspires.
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Rebekah Brown and a sampling of goose eggs.

Fragile Canvas

Beautiful etchings emerge as Rebekah Joy Brown works in her studio transforming eggshells into art.
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A Guide with a Mission

Capt. Joe Abbate loves Masonboro Island and the wildlife that lives here. He wants you to love it, too.
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What the Shoreline Tells Us

When most of us look at the ocean, we see beautiful views and an endless horizon. A team of scientists in Duck peers beneath the waves in a high-tech search for insight into people’s relationship to the sea.

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Mountain Educators

Mountain Educators: The Dougherty Family and the First Fifty Years of Appalachian by Doris Perry Stam

In our era of giant land-grant universities, it’s worth remembering that 17,000-student Appalachian State University started as a country schoolhouse framed from Blue Ridge Mountains timber. The mission of what was originally called Watauga Academy in Boone was to train
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Lynn Coble’s Chicken Pie

Lynn Coble owns more than 6,500 cookbooks, but here is a recipe of her own.
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English Pea Casserole

This recipe comes from Recipes and Remembrances, published to help support Penderlea Homestead Museum.
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