Under the Skin by Vicki Lane

In Vicki Lane’s latest novel, the question is whether people are whom they seem to be. The answer unspools in surprising ways.
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The Night Train by Clyde Edgerton

Edgerton’s book moseys at a carefree pace, much like the lives of his characters during simpler times.
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Food on Franklin

If you were a Tar Heel 20 or 30 years ago, you might’ve walked Franklin Street’s wide sidewalks and quieted your grumbling belly with a slice of Pepper’s pizza or a sloppy Hector’s gyro. But now, Chapel Hill is food central, gaining recognition from places far and wide for its diverse cuisine
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The Biggest Wheel

The world’s largest Rotary Wheel, located in Wilmington, is 240 feet across.
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Follow His Lead

Allen de Hart began hiking at age 5, and his journeys tally more than 57,000 miles. But he always returns home to Louisburg, where he invites others to join him in his backyard garden.
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Cloister Honey

When the banking business went south, a couple in suburban Charlotte found a new, sweeter fortune.
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Southern Baked Beans

This southern baked beans recipe from Wildcat Country Cooking was submitted by Lauren Strickland, a third-generation Hobbton graduate.
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Tom’s BBQ Sauce for Chicken

This BBQ sauce recipe in Wildcat Country Cooking was submitted by Larry Britt, a former teacher at Hobbton, and is named after his father.
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Big Ol’ Mess

This sweet and spicy recipe in Wildcat Country Cooking from Betty Marshburn, a cafeteria employee and bus driver at Hobbton, is perfect for football tailgates.
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Spicy Apple Cider

From Wildcat Country Cooking, this spicy apple cider recipe came from Grace Casey Sinclair, a member of Hobbton’s first graduating class.
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