wild north carolina

Wild North Carolina: Discovering the Wonders of Our State’s Natural Communities by David Blevins and Michael P. Schafale

David Blevins’s magnificent photographs and Michael Schafale’s insightful prose create an invaluable book for anyone who loves North Carolina’s natural bounty. Blevins, photographer and ecologist, and Schafale, community ecologist for the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, offer a lesson in
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under the mercy trees

Under the Mercy Trees by Heather Newton

As he heads back to Solace Fork, North Carolina, Martin Owenby has plenty of strikes against him. He is a drunk. He is a gay man who’s hidden the secret from his family. He is virtually penniless, having failed to
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One Curious Guy

Piedmont Laureate Scott Huler doesn’t specialize. The Raleigh writer asks as many questions, about as many different things, as he can.
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Elizabeth Hudson-purple

Friday Night Fish Fry

To get to Little Texas Fish Camp from my house in Randolph County, you had to cross a one-lane bridge that ran beside a dam. The bridge was past the round of a curve, and it was tricky business to
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Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Jazz up a traditional baked potato with this stuffed baked potato recipe from A Taste of Shiloh.
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Steak Fajitas

This easy fajita recipe from Beef Made Easy is a quick dinner the whole family will love.
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farm fresh north carolina

Farm Fresh North Carolina by Diane Daniel

Diane Daniel provides a thorough guide to North Carolina’s family farms, produce stands, farmers markets, wineries, and orchards.
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new southern garden cookbook

The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle

Sheri Castle’s newest cookbook walks you through the pleasures of fresh, local, and seasonal food with more than 300 recipes.
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Elizabeth Hudson

Southern Storms

My grandmother always knew when a storm was coming. If we had the windows open in the house, or if we were out in the yard digging in her garden, she would smell it first. “It’s going to come up
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Sarah Addison Allen

Writer’s Magic

Asheville native Sarah Addison Allen delights in life’s mysteries and uses those true stories to inspire her fantastic fiction.
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