Savory Side Notes

A clever title may make you pick up a cookbook, and the recipes inside can prompt you to buy it. But the stories within its pages are often the best part.
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The Country Squire

Just outside of Warsaw, this Duplin County jewel combines signature wines, suits of armor, Scottish flair, Old World hospitality — and big-ol’ steaks.
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Into the Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 3,800 acres of unchecked wilderness. Here, centuries-old trees scrape the sky and shelter a natural world that reminds us of our place on this planet.
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Big Mountain Love Story

For 18 years, an inn on a mountain between Dillsboro and Bryson City has been the home of George and Hanneke Ware, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Happiness, Handmade

They’re just stitches and paint strokes. But done over and over, the movements that make the crafts at Dogwood Crafters in Dillsboro have helped heal the people who make the community.
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Buffalo Bill Derailed in Davidson County

In October 1901, two trains collided near the Linwood rail station — disrupting the reign of the famous Wild West Show. But among the calamity, the importance of human kindness shone through.
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Rediscover Folk

The 67-year-old Hickory Museum of Art — one of the oldest art museums in the state — thrives on innovation.
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bigfoot believer

Bigfoot Believer

Here’s something I think about: If a creature such as Bigfoot exists, why haven’t we found him yet? Why hasn’t any hard evidence supported his existence? No dwelling, no tracks, no scat piles one could look at and think, Wow.
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Elizabeth Hudson-purple

To Everything, a Season

On the first Friday night in October — the eve of the Asheboro Fall Festival — about a dozen men from the Randolph Cattlemen’s Association hauled their blackened barbecue smokers up a grassy hill across from the courthouse and set
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Steady Hands

Tina Gregory practices scherenschnitte — an art form of extreme patience. With every snip, she trims away the excess, and beauty emerges from the remnants.
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