Holiday Roasted Potatoes

These roasted potatoes from St. Brendan the Navigator's cookbook combine sweet and yellow potatoes and make a perfect holiday...

Christmas Morning Strata

This strata recipe from St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church in Shallotte makes an easy holiday breakfast everyone will...

A Christmas Breakfast

Brighten your Christmas morning with three easy-to-follow recipes.

Country Ham in Duplin County

In Duplin County, Westwater Country Ham dry cures an Eastern North Carolina classic.

From Manhattan to Magnolia Farm

Erin Weston left North Carolina wide-eyed with an art history degree and a dream of making it in the...

Christmas Unpacked, Unwrapped, Unforgettable

The rituals and customs of holidays past often dictate how we celebrate Yuletides of the present — for better...

Making the Cut: North Carolina Christmas Trees

Fraser firs may be the big tree on campus at lots across the state, but on Down East cut-your-own...

Curbside Christmas

Small-town holiday parades impart memories that last a lifetime — from the sound of marching bands to the sight...

Stitches and Squares

Each of our community colleges has a place on this quilt, a handmade tribute to learning.