Jennifer Watlington

Sending a Message

When Jennifer Watlington couldn’t find greeting cards for veterans in her hometown, Reidsville, she created her own.
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Purple Heart

For Their Service and Sacrifice

Wounded veterans share a common bond. At dinners held across North Carolina honoring Purple Heart recipients, they share even more. They share their stories.
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K9 Veterans

Dogs of War

After they complete their military service, K9 veterans find respect, admiration, and plenty of snuggle time from adoptive families.
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Pritchard Park's Drum Circle

Asheville Drum Circle

Asheville’s eclectic tastes extend beyond its restaurants. While you’re here, take time to savor some of its local flavor in the form of Pritchard Park’s weekly drum circle.
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Overmountain Vineyard

Overmountain Vineyards in Tryon

In the summer, rows of vines heavy with clusters of juicy, red fruit climb the hills around Overmountain Vineyards. The future, however, looks radically different, thanks to a little white grape from France’s foothills and a winemaker’s revolutionary spirit.
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Josh Bailey and Stephen Steidle

Eating Asheville Food Tour

Foodies embark on culinary journeys through the city’s booming dining scene and discover why this mountain city has earned a national reputation for its distinctly Asheville take on cuisine.
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Mary Ann Foy

Burial and Mourning at Poplar Grove

Amid an increasingly hostile society, one estate near Wilmington remains an unlikely refuge. (Volume 3, Part 10)
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C&H Oyster Bar

C&H Oyster Bar in Elizabeth City

Leave it to the experts at this Elizabeth City oyster bar, where every October the usual crowd returns hungry for meaty mollusks.
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Apple Cake

Fresh Apple Cake Recipe

This fresh apple cake from Let Us Keep the Feast II uses the fall season’s flavors, including apples, cinnamon, and pecans.
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Pecan Tarts

Pecan Tarts

Try these pecan tarts from Let Us Keep the Feast II for a seasonal dessert for any gathering.
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