Pie vs Cake

Pie vs. Cake: The Case for Team Pie

Whether you’re talking about eating a slice of pie after dinner, or baking one from scratch, cake doesn’t stand a chance.
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Pie vs Cake

Pie vs. Cake: The Case for Team Cake

Cake. Or, maybe pie … No, definitely cake … Probably … Choosing between two worthy desserts may not be possible.
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Exploring Statesville

For the highway traveler with stiff muscles and an empty belly, this town is a perfect stop.
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Fried Pie

An Ode to Fried Perfection

Handheld and made to last (and last and last), convenience-store fried pies hold a special place in the hearts of many.
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Love by the Slice: PieBird in Raleigh

It’s not on the menu, but PieBird’s crusted offerings have led to at least one trip down the aisle.
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The Sonker

A Foothills Twist on Pie: The Sonker

Born of mysterious origins — each family’s recipe different from the next — this sweet, deep-dish confection is a celebrated part of North Carolina’s culinary landscape.
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My Perfect Tar Heel Pound Cake

Perfect Pound Cake

James Beard Award-winning author James Villas explains why the deceptively simple pound cake holds such an esteemed place in the pantheon of North Carolina cuisine — and shares how to make one worthy of its stature.
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Nancie McDermott

Easy as Pie (or a Piece of Cake?)

Nancie McDermott — a North Carolina author who wrote the book(s) on Southern cakes and pies — weighs in on the benefits of making a mess in the kitchen.
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Civil War Outliers

Deserters and Outliers

Tar Heel soldiers grow weary of war and leave their regiments — only to fight for the north. (Volume 4, Part 2)
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B.L.T Pasta Salad

B.L.T. Pasta Salad

Enjoy the delicious flavors of a B.L.T. in this pasta salad from Saint James United Methodist Cooks.
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