Victoria Livengood Opera

Dixie Diva

A farm girl from Thomasville discovered her voice and became an international opera star.
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literary map

Literary Heritage

An online database tracks authors and the local towns where their stories are set.
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The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron

The Buzzard Table Margaret Maron

A judge and her husband, the local deputy sheriff, help solve a murder and uncover family secrets.
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Ashe County Cow Tanks

Three-Cow Town

In West Jefferson, the cows point the way.
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Tony Avent Plant Delights

The Place He Imagined

Tony Avent never outgrew his childhood dream to run a nationally recognized nursery in his Raleigh backyard. So he made it happen.
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Eastern Sweet Shrub

Sweet Shrub

The smell is only the start of this plant’s story.
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Elizabeth Hudson

Old recipes

This is the Fayetteville Street Christian School cookbook I made when I was in kindergarten in 1975. It’s old and yellowed now. It’s barely held together with a frayed piece of yarn. The recipes in it are crudely typewritten, and
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Morehead City

Morehead City

In the hub of Carteret County, the water is where people work and where they play.
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Dixie Arrow sinking

War in the Water

During World War II, coastal residents turned out their lights and waited in silence for German U-boats to sink another ship. The submarines lurking in the Atlantic crippled the coast with fear and claimed nearly 5,000 lives.
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At Home in the Southern Wild

At the North Carolina Zoo in Randolph County, gorillas live like us in many ways. They play. They fight. They love. And we love them back.
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