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Explore this beautiful Outer Banks beach town, whose name is inspired by that bird of a different feather.
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tammy leigh brooks

The Art of Tammy Leigh Brooks

If you’ve never seen a Polish chicken before, let this Hickory artist’s stoneware version be your first.
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Rooster's Wife

The Rooster’s Wife

At this Aberdeen venue, the rules of the coop are clear: It’s all about the music.
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Iron Hen Cafe and Fresh Local Good Food Group promotional photos on August 7th, 2011.

Iron Hen Cafe

Grab a bite in Greensboro at one of the city’s most popular brunch spots.
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Our Most Maligned Mammal

Considered bird-feeder thieves by many — and even worse by some — these furry critters are still our cutest state symbol — paws down.
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Pecan Catfish2

Catawba Pecan-Crusted Catfish

Try this dish with some creamy coleslaw, a perfect complement to a fried catfish fillet.
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Fry Utensils

What’s Become of Frying?

Amid the backlash against the South’s well-oiled skillets, a new cookbook offers a defense.
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Frying Pan_1

An Introduction to Frying

My first weekend in North Carolina included a trip to the State Fair, and there I learned a thing so important that it sounds absurd. But it’s true: The thing about fried foods — and I had to move to North Carolina to learn this — is they will solve the world’s problems if you let them. OK — an extreme claim, but stay with me. We’ll see if I can’t convince you.
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Price’s Chicken Coop

Charlotte’s Price’s Chicken Coop is an old school favorite.
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The Great Adventure of the Outlaw Blalocks

A husband and wife stay together — and fight together — through the duration of the war. (Volume 4, Part 3)
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