Arts & Culture

North Carolina is a land rich in culture, art and creative diversity. Our State magazine brings you features about the people and places of North Carolina.

Raleigh Artist Gabe Bratton Gives Lace A New Look

A Raleigh artist transforms that most feminine, fragile, and traditional Southern fabric into jewelry both heirloom and contemporary.

Canines for Service Trains Dogs to be Man’s Best Friend, and More

The dogs of Canines for Service are incomparable companions.

Greensboro Grasshoppers’ Stadium Retriever to Retire

After 10 seasons, a minor league baseball team’s bat-fetching dog is retiring.

Pucker Up: The Story of Seersucker

One author wonders when he’s qualified to legitimately sport seersucker, and take the plunge into the South’s favorite cool,...

Run by Rural Celebrates Craftmanship and Community

A La Grange company connects the American South with South America.

Meet Alexander Julian, Designer of UNC’s Basketball Uniforms

Alexander Julian, a Chapel Hill landmark store, and the call that changed his life. (And Carolina’s uniforms.)

Letter Perfect, Monograms Speak to Who We Are

Holding forth on the South’s peculiar penchant for personalizing.

How North Carolina Became ‘Variety Vacationland’

North Carolina is naturally as pretty as a postcard. Still, finding a way to share that beauty with the...

Our Peerless Possum, A North Carolina Symbol

There is no other marsupial in North Carolina as cute and cuddly as the possum.