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seed catalog

With Seed Catalogs, Anticipation for Spring Grows

Impatient for the state’s April 15 all-clear for planting? For seed devotees, the pleasures of growing begin long before that first green shoot.

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Producing a Longleaf Legacy in the Tar Heel State

Our storied pines are more than just pretty to look at: Historically, they produced the tar, pitch, and turpentine that made our state a key supplier of naval stores.
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wing haven

Blooms and Birdsong at Wing Haven Gardens

A gardener’s passion and imagination left a public legacy of urban green and serenity only minutes from Charlotte’s skyscrapers.
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In Praise of the Pink Dogwood Flower

Dogwoods’ blushing blooms win the we-try-harder competition in the spring landscape.

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conetoe family life center

Conetoe Family Life Center Farm Grows, Inspires

For Edgecombe County children, a shared garden feeds and provides a sense of purpose.
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A Hymn to Sticky Limbs

On being a sap for the pine tree.
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Blowing Rock Snowman Creates Winter Magic

Even when there are no clouds, Steve Stanley, mountain manager of Appalachian Ski Mountain, makes so much snow that sometimes surrounding roads are coated with the stuff.

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Erin Weston

From Manhattan to Magnolia Farm

Erin Weston left North Carolina wide-eyed with an art history degree and a dream of making it in the Big Apple. When her plans fell through, she returned to the Triangle to create luxury wreaths that decorate homes across the state — especially at Christmas.
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Christmas Trees

Making the Cut: North Carolina Christmas Trees

Fraser firs may be the big tree on campus at lots across the state, but on Down East cut-your-own farms, cedar, cypress, and pine are the trees that growers vote most likely to succeed.
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Christmas Tree

Oh, (State) Christmas Tree!

A Fraser fir, always and only. Folks who’d stoop to taking home something like a Scotch pine? Amateurs.
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