Gardens & Gardening

Community Garden Plots

Gardening Together

Across North Carolina, gardeners of all skill levels come together to grow food and meet their neighbors in community gardens.
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In the Garden with Our State

In the Garden with Our State (February 2012)

Though we’ve had a warmer-than-normal winter so far, February and March may still provide some surprises. In the meantime, here are few a winter gardening tips to help you fill the time until spring arrives.
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Plant Protégé

At Piedmont Carolina Nursery in Colfax, one man preserves the legacy of his mentors and the heritage of his land.
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Southern Heritage Apple Orchard, Pinnacle, North Carolina

A Fruitful Garden

Thinking about adding an apple tree to your garden this year? Learn more about old-fashioned apple varieties that once flourished in North Carolina at the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard in Pinnacle.
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pruning trees

In the Garden with Our State (January 2012)

Though winter is in full swing, a warmer-than-normal afternoon calls for spending time outside. During the dormant season, take a good look at your yard and garden and begin planning for the season to come.
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christmas tree tips 700x350

Christmas Tree Tips

Need a hand choosing your Christmas tree this year? These helpful tree-picking tips come from the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association. Download, print, and take them with you as you select the perfect tree.
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Deep Green Thinkers

A North Carolina State University researcher and his team tinker, experiment, and travel the world to ensure the health of the state’s Fraser fir harvest.
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green thumb gift ideas 2011

Green Thumb Gift Ideas

This year, let Santa deliver a few garden-inspired gifts for the green thumb on your Christmas list.
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fall frost

In the Garden with Our State (December 2011)

With the arrival of the busy holiday season and much cooler weather, time spent in the garden may be hard to come by. These winter tips will help set the stage for a successful spring.
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Follow His Lead

Allen de Hart began hiking at age 5, and his journeys tally more than 57,000 miles. But he always returns home to Louisburg, where he invites others to join him in his backyard garden.
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