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Digging The Vegetable Garden

In the Garden with Our State (July 2011)

As the summer continues to heat up, take a look at these helpful gardening tips that will keep your garden thriving.
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In the Garden with Our State (June 2011)

As we head toward mid-summer, here are several helpful tips to keep your garden flourishing. Warm weather and pests can really put a damper on things, but these simple maintenance tips will make a difference for your garden.
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OS Moonvine

Moonvine Magic

This nighttime beauty proves that not everything beautiful can be found under the sun.
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Bamboo Country

At Haiku Bamboo Nursery in Hendersonville, Keiji and Stefani Oshima nurture the plant that brought them to this place — they care for it, prune it, tame it, and bring out its strongest qualities.
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Weeding A Corner of the Vegetable Garden

In the Garden with Our State (May 2011)

As spring turns to summer, it’s time to watch your garden come into its own. These early summer tips will help that transition and ensure you have a beautiful garden to enjoy all summer long.
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Double-Duty Plants

Herbs spruce up your landscape and provide fresh natural flavorings and fragrances.
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Growing Her Vision

Jenny Fitch crafted the Fearrington Village gardens with no master plan. And today, her creativity still inspires those who carry on her legacy.
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Sign Language

Looking out for signs of nutrient deficiencies in your plants can make you a better gardener.
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Watering flowers

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Tough Love

Pokeweed is both a poison and a medicine, a nuisance and a joy. But to those who understand this storied plant, its paradox reflects the gritty yet graceful character of its supporters.
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