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Money Plant Delights Throughout The Year

Just as summer starts to fade, money plant starts to shine.
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Growing Hollyhocks, An Old-Fashioned Favorite

A North Carolina classic, hollyhocks add height, color, and drama to your garden.
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The Edible Landscape

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily quell the desire to grow your own food. Farming in the city just requires a fresh approach.
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Ornamental Okra

Ornamental Okra

You don’t have to eat this ubiquitous Southern plant to enjoy its charms.

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Brilliant Buds: Crocosmia Dazzles in the Summer

A member of the iris family, Crocosmia adds a punch of nature’s brightest hues to summer gardens.
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Solomon's Seal

Solomon’s Seal

Pampered in a shady nook, the elegant perennial adds color and height to cultivated gardens from spring through fall.
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‘Flying Dragon’ Dangerous to Landscapes

In addition to white flowers in the spring and orange-like fruits in the fall, Poncirus trifoliate adds interest to a leafless landscape with long, curved thorns.
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Tomato Growing Tips

Tomato troubles — from blossom end rot to catfacing — just before harvest time can be a source of dismaying frustration. Here are few tips on how to deal with them.
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The Other Dogwoods: Redtwigs

While white flowering dogwoods are known for their petals, other varieties make great landscape plants.
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Sunflowers at Biltmore Estate

Eighty Acres of Gorgeous: Festival of Flowers at the Biltmore

For a sensory feast unlike any other, time a trip to Biltmore Estate during its renowned Festival of Flowers in April and May.

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