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Double-Duty Plants

Herbs spruce up your landscape and provide fresh natural flavorings and fragrances.
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concord memorial garden

A Place of Life: Concord Memorial Garden

In downtown Concord’s Memorial Garden, personal stories bring character to beautiful landscapes.
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A Sense of the World

Students perceive the Martha Franck Fragrance Garden through touch, smell, and sound — experiencing nature’s wonders they’ll never see.
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Festive Foliage: Brighten Winter with Nandina

Nandina’s elegant leaves and radiant berries add natural beauty to holiday decor.
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Pyracantha Offers Fervent Fall Color

With its brilliant berries and hardy nature, pyracantha prospers in North Carolina gardens.
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Money Plant Delights Throughout The Year

Just as summer starts to fade, money plant starts to shine.
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Growing Hollyhocks, An Old-Fashioned Favorite

A North Carolina classic, hollyhocks add height, color, and drama to your garden.
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The Edible Landscape

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily quell the desire to grow your own food. Farming in the city just requires a fresh approach.
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Ornamental Okra

Ornamental Okra

You don’t have to eat this ubiquitous Southern plant to enjoy its charms.

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Brilliant Buds: Crocosmia Dazzles in the Summer

A member of the iris family, Crocosmia adds a punch of nature’s brightest hues to summer gardens.
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