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Christmas Trees

Making the Cut: North Carolina Christmas Trees

Fraser firs may be the big tree on campus at lots across the state, but on Down East cut-your-own farms, cedar, cypress, and pine are the trees that growers vote most likely to succeed.
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Christmas Tree

Oh, (State) Christmas Tree!

A Fraser fir, always and only. Folks who’d stoop to taking home something like a Scotch pine? Amateurs.
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Venus Fly Trap

Venus Flytrap for State Flower

It already holds the title of state carnivorous plant, and at least one person thinks the swamp-dwelling insect eater should hold the title of official flower, too.
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This coastal plant is legend on one North Carolina island.
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Peach Student

In the Sandhills, summertime means peaches, and peaches mean school.
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Reggie’s Flower Shoppe in Lexington

Reggie Walser, Welcome’s best-known florist, has been arranging every kind of bloom since he was 3. And he’s not stopping anytime soon.
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More than a hundred years ago, Japanese arrowroot — aka kudzu — found a home in porch-side flower beds across the South. No one suspected the lush vine with the pretty purple flowers was a monster hell-bent on devouring everything in its path.
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Mountain Moss in Brevard

A Pisgah Forest horticulturalist shines light on an overlooked plant.
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Lanscaping Tips For Summer

Horticulture expert Toby Bost offers his gardening tips for early summer.
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Is Walnut Wilt Affecting Your Tomatoes?

When the trees and plants in your garden do not get along, you’re left with few options.
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