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This plant remains hidden most of the year, but come Christmas it’s a symbol of the season.
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Christmas candles

18 Gardening Tips For You & Yours This Season

Don’t miss Toby’s holiday tips and advice on maintaining your garden this winter.
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perennials in garden box

Dividing Perennials

How to care for your favorite year-round flowers.
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fall tree

The Season For Trees

Why now is the perfect time to plant shade and fruit trees.
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Inside a glass house in Belmont, these finicky flowers find an ideal environment.
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What Winter Brings

The camellia blooms at a time when other plants sleep. And for a club in Wilmington, those blooms are all they need to get them through the season.
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Cinnamon Fern

No, it doesn’t produce a spice, but this old-timey plant is full of character.
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Toby Bost shares tips for planting and growing this signature Southern plant.
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pecans 700 web

Seeking The Perfect Pecan

No matter how you pronounce it, the pecan is a southern treat.
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persimmon 700 web

American Persimmons

A few reasons why you should have one of these in your garden.
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