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The Soundtrack: June 2012

This month’s music playlist features the perfect summer songs for the June issue, as recommended by some of our writers and photographers.
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Carolina Cowboy

The Tar Heel State helps Bobby Plough find his calling.
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The Soundtrack: May 2012

Listen to the music that inspired some of this month’s contributing writers, photographers, and story subjects.
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The Space to Improvise

Music gave Rodney Marsh direction. Long after he first discovered his talent, he created a place to help others feel at ease when they perform — ease he never felt when he was on stage.
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A Musical Revolution: The Kruger Brothers

American music inspired two brothers in Europe to pick up their guitars and banjos, and seek out the sound of Appalachia.
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First, Do No Harm

Thomas Fanning Wood achieves a dream of becoming a doctor much sooner than he could have imagined. There is no time for an apprenticeship, not during the height of war.
(Volume 2, Part 3)
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Scenes and Songs

The Asheville Symphony Orchestra and Asheville Art Museum marry their artistic mediums for a performance of Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony No. 6.
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A War of Songs

From battlefields to minstrel shows, music becomes a rallying cry of loyalty and motivation. But as deaths and hopelessness mount, the songs convey a haunting sense of loss
(Volume 2, Part 2)
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Rediscovering Riddle

This month, the Burnsville community honors the legacy of a native son whose talented ear shaped the sound of country music.
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Resurrecting a Sound

Old Hat Records in Raleigh doesn’t search for cutting-edge music. Instead, the label revives what the industry and its listeners forgot.
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