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The Soundtrack: May 2012

Listen to the music that inspired some of this month’s contributing writers, photographers, and story subjects.
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The Space to Improvise

Music gave Rodney Marsh direction. Long after he first discovered his talent, he created a place to help others feel at ease when they perform — ease he never felt when he was on stage.
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A Musical Revolution: The Kruger Brothers

American music inspired two brothers in Europe to pick up their guitars and banjos, and seek out the sound of Appalachia.
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First, Do No Harm

Thomas Fanning Wood achieves a dream of becoming a doctor much sooner than he could have imagined. There is no time for an apprenticeship, not during the height of war.
(Volume 2, Part 3)
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Scenes and Songs

The Asheville Symphony Orchestra and Asheville Art Museum marry their artistic mediums for a performance of Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony No. 6.
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A War of Songs

From battlefields to minstrel shows, music becomes a rallying cry of loyalty and motivation. But as deaths and hopelessness mount, the songs convey a haunting sense of loss
(Volume 2, Part 2)
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Rediscovering Riddle

This month, the Burnsville community honors the legacy of a native son whose talented ear shaped the sound of country music.
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Resurrecting a Sound

Old Hat Records in Raleigh doesn’t search for cutting-edge music. Instead, the label revives what the industry and its listeners forgot.
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Battle of the Bands

Musicians attached to the 26th North Carolina regiment rouse patriotic spirit, bolster flagging morale in the face of gruesome casualties, and are vital to the regiment’s command and control system. (Volume 2, Part 1)
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North Carolina’s Sound

Chatham County musician Tommy Edwards knows the tune of his home state by heart.
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