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North Carolina is a land rich in culture, art and creative diversity. Our State magazine brings you features about the people and places of North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Most Popular Baby Names

In 1910, Mary and James were the top names for girls and boys. What about now?

At Home with Lowland Hum

Watch Lowland Hum perform "Odell" and "Rolling and Rolling" off of their new, self-titled album.

Immersion School Works to Save the Cherokee Language

At an immersion program in western North Carolina, the endangered Cherokee language finds new life among young speakers.

Land Trusts: Finding Solitude, Safety in Conserved Spaces

As regions throughout North Carolina are developed more and more, land trusts have become increasingly important in conserving natural...

Spring Gardening To-Do List

Ready your lawn and garden now for a summer of fun with these five tips.

Outer Banks Ocean Rescue Guards Prove Themselves as Sentries of the Shoreline

Charged with rescues on North Carolina’s unruliest waters, an Outer Banks Ocean Rescue guard is a singular sort of...

All Roads Lead to Burrus Red & White Supermarket

Four generations of Allen Burrus’s family have run the grocery that sits at the heart of Hatteras Island. Burrus...

Mother’s Day Musings

On chicken pox and Peter Pan, regrets and reciprocity.

Field Trip: Searching for Pirates on the Crystal Coast

A father and his two young sons explore the sights, sounds, and — this time — North Carolina's Crystal...