greensboro science center

7 Inches from a Shark at Greensboro Science Center

As if moray eels, mummified humans, and dinosaur skeletons aren’t wildly interesting already, things are about to get a lot wilder and more interesting at the state’s only inland aquarium, zoo, and museum.
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Arts & Culture

natural landscape

5 Tips to Create a Natural Landscape This Spring

Gone are the days of perfectly manicured lawns as many homeowners choose to create unadulterated natural landscapes. Use these simple tips to create a beautiful outdoor space of your own.
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farmhouse feat

How We Live Now: The Farmhouse Modern

More than 175,000 of you invite us into your homes each month, which got us thinking about, well, the homes we live in. From that 19th-century mansion in Asheville to the cupola’d landmark in Edenton, houses in North Carolina are
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bat cave nc

Origins of Weird Town Names in North Carolina

Wayne Schmitt, a reader from Concord, asked us, “What is so high about High Point?” His question got us thinking: What are the stories behind weird town names in North Carolina?
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lush life feat

The Lush Life: An Essay on Being a Yard Person

Observations, confessions, and mild bossiness from a resolute yard person.

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winston salem theater

Winston-Salem’s Theater Scene Headlines Spring

On numerous stages in multiple venues, an actor or audience, donor or director, is contributing to Camel City’s decades-deep identity as an arts hub. Here was born the nation’s first arts council and the state’s only arts conservatory; here a fledgling group of thespians spawned many more; here a local film fest became nationally recognized. At every level, Winston acts up.
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seed catalog

With Seed Catalogs, Anticipation for Spring Grows

Impatient for the state’s April 15 all-clear for planting? For seed devotees, the pleasures of growing begin long before that first green shoot.

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Producing a Longleaf Legacy in the Tar Heel State

Our storied pines are more than just pretty to look at: Historically, they produced the tar, pitch, and turpentine that made our state a key supplier of naval stores.
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Finding Writer’s Solitude at Weymouth Center

How writers find scene and setting in self-imposed solitude.

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Made in NC guide

Made in N.C. Products Guide

Your shopping guide for products made right here in North Carolina.
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spring playlist

Fresh, Southern Sounds: Spring Playlist

As the flowers blossom, birds are singing a different tune. Celebrate the start of spring with our playlist that features the latest music from North Carolina artists. All from forthcoming albums, these songs are just begging to be listened to with the windows rolled down.
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