Rowan County Peace Poles

Peace Poles Unite Many in Rowan County

The symbol erected in parks throughout Rowan County is simple, its message clear and easy to understand no matter the language: May Peace Prevail On Earth.
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Arts & Culture


Q&A with Dan Riesser, Director of Stomping Ground

An interview with N.C. native and Los Angeles film director Dan Riesser. His first feature film is set in North Carolina.
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A work by Gary Beecham, photographed on the Penland school campus.

Scenes from Penland

Penland School of Crafts is at the heart of the thriving artistic community in the Toe River Valley. Many of the country’s best glass artists call the area home.
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#MyNCMovie Instagram Contest

Who needs Hollywood when you live in a state worthy of the silver screen?
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High Beams & Pinholes

A renowned North Carolina filmmaker remembers the scenes from a day — and the recurring appearance of a bad television movie — that led him to embrace a life of movies.
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bombadil feature image

Bombadil: Live at Our State

Bombadil, a band comprised of Daniel Michalak, James Phillips and Stuart Robinson, illuminated the Our State library with their music and charm.
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daniel wallace feature image

Starring: Daniel Wallace

What it was like for a North Carolina author to star in a movie based on his own book.

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wilmington feature image

Hollywood East

A Wilmington resident’s take on living amongst the stars
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Under One Roof

A family reunion at the beach is a five-step process. To pull it off requires ample planning, a little patience, and, more often than not, a lot of air freshener.
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Ava feature

Our Ava

Ava Gardner lit the world on fire with her breathtaking beauty and fiery spirit. She was raised as a farmer’s daughter near Smithfield. She transformed herself into a Hollywood starlet, a crooner’s wife, and a legacy. The world will never forget her. And we will never stop remembering — she was ours.

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tammy leigh brooks

The Art of Tammy Leigh Brooks

If you’ve never seen a Polish chicken before, let this Hickory artist’s stoneware version be your first.
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