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What Say You

One writer holds forth on the quirks, charms, and cautions of the Southern spoken word.
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Arts & Culture


Living Moving Art

Vollis Simpson and his vast hands molded metal into artwork for decades. And when the rust is gone, his giant, vibrant sculptures will stand tall in a Wilson field, blowing in eastern North Carolina breezes for years to come and for thousands to see.
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Homespun Denim

Raleigh Denim and Greensboro’s Cone Denim employ old-fashioned methods to make the most timeless garment in our closets — jeans — even more timeless than before.
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The Story Behind the Troutman Chair Company

The Troutman Chair factory outside of Statesville has made some of the best rockers anywhere since 1924 — long before becoming a Charlotte airport staple. And because little has changed, they’re better than ever.
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Sending Christmas Cards to Huck & Hamlet by Joseph Mills

In his new collection, Joseph Mills challenges the stigma of poetry and convinces us to read on.
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Magnificent Stitches

The Calvary Church Needlepoint Guild creates brilliant images of animals and nature that are sometimes years in the making.
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Spreading the Secret

The North Carolina Literary Review incorporates photos and art with stories and poems and takes a scholarly publication one step further.
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It Takes an Orchestra

The North Carolina Symphony celebrates its 80th season with a colorful cast of characters, a complex composition, and an ear for yesterday.
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This plant remains hidden most of the year, but come Christmas it’s a symbol of the season.
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Christmas candles

18 Gardening Tips For You & Yours This Season

Don’t miss Toby’s holiday tips and advice on maintaining your garden this winter.
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perennials in garden box

Dividing Perennials

How to care for your favorite year-round flowers.
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