Cotton by Zach Frailey

National Poetry Month

In honor of this wordsmith’s holiday, here are a list of events you should attend this month.
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Arts & Culture

blueberries 700 web

Protecting Summer’s Fruit

Don’t let garden pests ruin your summer fruit crop.
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Our State's Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List from Highland Books in Brevard

A number of notable North Carolina authors appear on our first reading list of the summer. Enjoy!
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This coastal plant prospers in unlikely places.
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The Backyard Clothesline

Hanging clothes is more than pinning garments on a line. It tells you something about your neighbors, and it tells them something about you. For one of the state’s most beloved artistic families, hanging clothes brings them closer to home.
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Shakespeare, for Free?

Wilmington offers quality theater on the house.
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Goliath by Susan Woodring

After a respected citizen dies, a city begins to unravel.
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Building Film

In Charlotte, a community college launches careers in film.
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Searching for the Blues

One man finds his musical niche — and more — in Raleigh.
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An Artistic Heritage

A painter’s father still guides her work, years after he’s gone.
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Imaginary Lines

Have you ever wondered what you’d see if you could gaze clear across the ocean? Who would be over there? What would the land look like? Our writer has pondered these questions all of his life. As it turns out, someone over there wondered the same thing.
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