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North Carolina is a land rich in culture, art and creative diversity. Our State magazine brings you features about the people and places of North Carolina.

A Lifetime of Love: The Longest Married Couple in North Carolina

Meet Willie and Daniel Williams of Charlotte, who are 96 and 98 years old. They’ve been married for 77...

Generations of Families Call The Unpainted Aristocracy Home

“Rustic” and “vintage” don’t quite apply to a handful of century-old — and older — Nags Head cottages. Try...

At Home with Bombadil

Watch Bombadil perform "Forgive Me Darling" and "Love is Simply" off of their newest album, Hold On.

A Guide to Native Plants in North Carolina

For garden inspiration, look at what's already growing naturally in North Carolina. Here are six native plants in North...

Learning to Fly: A Conversation with The Wright Brothers Author David McCullough

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian talks with Our State about the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Why Are There Two Styles of NC Barbecue?

Eastern-style or Lexington-style barbecue? You know what you like, but do you know how they both came to be?...

Years After World War II, Divers Explore Wreck Site of U-352

When the German submarine U-352 was sunk during World War II, no one knew if its remains would ever...

North Carolina’s Most Popular Baby Names

In 1910, Mary and James were the top names for girls and boys. What about now?

At Home with Lowland Hum

Watch Lowland Hum perform "Odell" and "Rolling and Rolling" off of their new, self-titled album.