Arts & Culture

North Carolina is a land rich in culture, art and creative diversity. Our State magazine brings you features about the people and places of North Carolina.

Mother Earth Brewing

A Kinston brewery makes a new statement in an old space.

Pully’s Barbecue

For 40 years, a local restaurant served Kinston’s working community.

Atrocity at Shelton Laurel

Revenge on the enemy is one thing. Murder of the innocent is another. Two colonels in the Confederate Army...

The North Carolina Arboretum

A century ago, America’s premier landscape architect designed the state’s first arboretum. Today, on top of a mountain in...

Baptism by Blood

Just 90 days after he passes his board exam, without any supervision, Dr. Thomas Fanning Wood performs perhaps the...

Colorshow Gallery

Betsy Browne has no problem filling her shelves with art. Here, the artists come to her.

Memory Painter

Ronald Ragland relies on scenes from his childhood in Oxford to inspire his art.

Stories of the Civil War: An Online Collection

You're invited to submit your family stories from the Civil War for this online collection, presented by Visit Kinston.

North Carolina: The Golden State

Two centuries ago, a young boy’s accidental discovery in Cabarrus County led to the first gold rush in the...