Readers’ Choice: The Best of Our State 2014

In 2014, we hope that the covers, stories, photo essays, videos, and recipes we shared celebrated the people and places of North Carolina and made you think just a little differently about the state we call home. As the year comes to a close, take a look back at all of the great Our State issues from the past year and vote for your favorites.
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Arts & Culture

tales from a free range childhood

Tales From A Free-Range Childhood by Donald Davis

Folksy storyteller Donald Davis doesn’t take a position on the parenting debates raging in America’s neighborhoods. But depending on your view of the matter, Davis either had an innocent, magical childhood during a simpler time when common sense prevailed, or
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blood clay

Blood Clay by Valerie Nieman

In Blood Clay, Valerie Nieman, a writing professor in Greensboro, tells the story of Tracey Gaines, who relocates to fictional Saul County, North Carolina, after a painful divorce. Despite her desire for a new life, Gaines discovers that it’s not
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Chapel Hill in Plain Sight

Chapel Hill in Plain Sight: Notes from the Other Side of the Tracks by Daphne Athas

Daphne Athas’s latest book, Chapel Hill in Plain Sight, captures intimate details of growing up in the “Athens of the South.”
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A Gardener’s Best Guess

No one knows what the Tryon Palace grounds looked like when North Carolina’s earliest governors lived in the New Bern mansion. It’s all up to the imagination.
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Happiness, Handmade

They’re just stitches and paint strokes. But done over and over, the movements that make the crafts at Dogwood Crafters in Dillsboro have helped heal the people who make the community.
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Rediscover Folk

The 67-year-old Hickory Museum of Art — one of the oldest art museums in the state — thrives on innovation.
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bigfoot believer

Bigfoot Believer

Here’s something I think about: If a creature such as Bigfoot exists, why haven’t we found him yet? Why hasn’t any hard evidence supported his existence? No dwelling, no tracks, no scat piles one could look at and think, Wow.
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Steady Hands

Tina Gregory practices scherenschnitte — an art form of extreme patience. With every snip, she trims away the excess, and beauty emerges from the remnants.
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Finding Her Place

Writer Daphne Athas didn’t choose to move to Carrboro with her family after the Great Depression — but she did decide to stay and build a life as a Southern writer.
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lawn fertilization 700

In the Garden with Our State (October 2011)

Early fall is the ideal time to assess your lawn’s condition and prepare your landscape to withstand winter and flourish in the spring.
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