African American Quilt Circle Stitches Narratives

Members of a Durham quilting circle know that preserving the act of quilting is as important as preserving the quilts themselves.

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Arts & Culture

fall frost

In the Garden with Our State (December 2011)

With the arrival of the busy holiday season and much cooler weather, time spent in the garden may be hard to come by. These winter tips will help set the stage for a successful spring.
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The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry

The North Carolina twist in The Jefferson Key comes into play with the connection between pirates and privateers throughout time as Berry sets his scenes in Bath and the Pamlico Sound region.
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Under the Skin by Vicki Lane

In Vicki Lane’s latest novel, the question is whether people are whom they seem to be. The answer unspools in surprising ways.
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The Night Train by Clyde Edgerton

Edgerton’s book moseys at a carefree pace, much like the lives of his characters during simpler times.
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Follow His Lead

Allen de Hart began hiking at age 5, and his journeys tally more than 57,000 miles. But he always returns home to Louisburg, where he invites others to join him in his backyard garden.
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The Keepers of Our Communities

Long before Facebook, service clubs created a sense of community. In order to stay viable now, these meritorious groups must find ways to draw new members by using old-fashioned handshakes and smiles.
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The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain

The Midwife’s Confession is ideal for book-discussion groups, which offer an opportunity to ponder the multiple layers of family secrets, relationship drama, and nail-biting suspense.
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The Family Table

One reason I’m not a hundred percent sure that I’m Southern is that I don’t know what a second cousin is or why I might be related to him. (Another reason: I sometimes order grits in the singular form. “I
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Artistic Impression

Asheville resident Wendy Whitson took up art because of her uncle. Although life pulled her away, she now realizes art’s potential to comfort, heal, and revive.
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Musician Jonathan Byrd at his home in Hillsborough, N.C.

A New Old-Timer

North Carolina native Jonathan Byrd draws upon a style of folk music even older than bluegrass. But he uses those same familiar chords to string together a song that tells our stories. Read a review and hear several tracks from his CD, Cackalack.
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