#MyGameFace Photo Contest

It’s time to show your team spirit. Take a photo of your game face and share it with us to win tickets to the Carolina Hurricane’s season opener.
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Arts & Culture


Double-Duty Plants

Herbs spruce up your landscape and provide fresh natural flavorings and fragrances.
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Benevolent Books

It takes all year for the volunteers at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Greensboro to assemble thousands of titles and only three days for eager customers to carry them away.
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Universal Language

For Sally Spring, music is a bridge. It links her to places she’s been and people she’s met, and it always connects her to home.
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Keep Off the Grass!

Keep Off the Grass!

As my father became more successful, we moved to bigger and bigger houses and with the houses, came bigger and bigger lawns. In Edgewood, our lawn was about 10 feet by 12 feet, the size of a living room carpet
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Growing Her Vision

Jenny Fitch crafted the Fearrington Village gardens with no master plan. And today, her creativity still inspires those who carry on her legacy.
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Breath: A Lifetime in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung by Martha Mason

The advent of the polio vaccine in the 1960s means that many people aren’t familiar with infantile paralysis, the disease that paralyzes limbs and sometimes the part of the brain that controls breathing. In the fall of 1948, though, polio
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Thinking Big

Artist Jon Hair doesn’t just create mammoth sculptures. He lives big, striving to create artwork that inspires.
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Rebekah Brown and a sampling of goose eggs.

Fragile Canvas

Beautiful etchings emerge as Rebekah Joy Brown works in her studio transforming eggshells into art.
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Mountain Educators

Mountain Educators: The Dougherty Family and the First Fifty Years of Appalachian by Doris Perry Stam

In our era of giant land-grant universities, it’s worth remembering that 17,000-student Appalachian State University started as a country schoolhouse framed from Blue Ridge Mountains timber. The mission of what was originally called Watauga Academy in Boone was to train
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Sign Language

Looking out for signs of nutrient deficiencies in your plants can make you a better gardener.
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