Coastal Event


North Carolina Lighthouse Map & Quiz

Wander your way along the coast and learn more about each of our lighthouses. Then, test your knowledge in our interactive quiz!

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Where The Road Ends

For 500 years, wild mustangs have roamed the dunes of Corolla, foraging for food and raising their young. As development pushes them into tighter folds, Wesley Stallings stands between the horses and the perils that threaten them.
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Shipwrecks on the North Carolina Coast

Go underwater with teams from the UNC Coastal Studies Institute Program in Maritime Heritage as they explore shipwrecks off the coast.
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A Bike at the Beach along the North Carolina Coast.

A Bike at the Beach

Few pursuits satisfy the craving to fly free like the act cruising on a bike, salty breezes pushing back your hair as you chase the horizon.
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Sunset Beach Bridge

Sunset Beach Bridge: The Little Bridge that Could

A new 65-foot tall concrete bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway will be more convenient for anyone heading to or from Sunset Beach, but many miss the floating bridge that swung for the last time in 2010.
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Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Battle for the Light

Often threatened by shifting sands and developers, Cape Lookout Lighthouse faced a different kind of destruction during the Civil War, and the debate over that piece of history rages on.
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Live oaks at Orton Plantation

Live Oak

Beautiful and powerful, these monsters of the maritime stand as iconic symbols of the South.
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