Editor’s Column

Wildflower Festival

The Scent of the South

The man who sold me a bag of birdseed at Wild Birds Unlimited told me something interesting: Birds can’t smell. He wanted to make sure I had my feeder in an obvious place in the yard so the birds could
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Full circle

We got dropped off in the gravel parking lot outside Jones Skating Rink, and when our parents drove off for the evening, we took our places outside in the line to get in, shy and awkward and self-conscious, but pretending
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Time Memorial

Three years ago, I gave my mother a 16-month calendar, and I asked her to write something in it every day. I didn’t know if she would. When I was born, my aunt gave my mother a baby book to
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Oak Island Lighthouse

A lighthouse, from within

The walls of Oak Island Lighthouse are eight inches thick, made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The tower sits on top of 24 concrete pilings, and each one of those is buried 67 feet deep into the earth. If a 100-mile-per-hour
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Old recipes

This is the Fayetteville Street Christian School cookbook I made when I was in kindergarten in 1975. It’s old and yellowed now. It’s barely held together with a frayed piece of yarn. The recipes in it are crudely typewritten, and
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starry sky with full moon

The stars at night

The fire tower at the top of Dave’s Mountain in Asheboro is 100 feet tall, and it was built in 1950, and I wonder how many teenage boys — how many Asheboro High School kids in 1954, say, or 1967
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kitchen table 700

Listening. A love story

In the late 1960s, a woman named Susie — my mother before she was my mother — worked as a waitress at the Sheraton Hotel in Greensboro. She sparkled with personality, and before long, the management promoted her to hostess
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Wish You Were Here

Shortly after Hawaii became the 50th state admitted to the Union, my great-aunt Hazel and her husband, Raymond, set off for their vacation of a lifetime.
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