Derick McLeod Hillsborough BBQ Company

Hillsborough BBQ Company

The stained glass, hardwood floors, and full bar make this restaurant look upscale, but the flavor of the barbecue is smoky and down-home.
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Weeping Radish Brewery Butchery and Pub

Germany Comes to Grandy: Weeping Radish

A quirky combination of a brewpub, butchery, and farm creates an experience that brings in curious travelers from miles around.

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roadside eats

Roadside Eats

Get more out of our favorite roadside diners, drive-ins, and dairy bars featured in our March 2013 issue with our downloadable checklist, an interactive map, and a special giveaway.
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Herb's Pit Bar-B-Que

Herb’s Pit Bar-B-Que

In a remote corner of western North Carolina, just before you cross the state line, a second generation of Gibsons keeps the pit stoked.
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Jerome McPherson Country Barbeque

Country Barbeque

Cars whiz by, traffic lights blink, but this restaurant on Wendover Avenue maintains an uninterrupted consistency that sets it apart.
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Jon Farace Bar Cocoa

Sweet Spot

At Bar Cocoa in The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Charlotte, everything you see is a treat.
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Grady’s Barbecue

Eating barbecue at this Dudley restaurant is simple, but running the place requires some sacrifices.
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Biscuits, Hayrides, and Christmas Trees

A farm in Back Swamp has a collection of country comforts that make it worth a stop.
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sweetpotatoes 700x350

A Sweet Potato Sampler

Go beyond the basic baked sweet potato with these four places to try our official state vegetable.
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Crossroads Cafe

In a community so small it lacks its own ZIP code, residents find identity at Byrum’s.
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