From the best down home food recipes in North Carolina to dining and chef profiles, Our State magazine captures the flavor of North Carolina.

Pimento Cheese Cornbread Recipe

A marriage of two beloved Southern foods, pimento cheese cornbread is everything you never knew you wanted.

25 Cakes and Cupcakes to Sweeten Up Your Summer

If there's one thing Southerners can do well, it's bake delicious treats. For a pick-me-up cupcake or slice of...

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

When it comes to red velvet cake, there’s no official baking canon. Instead, there’s debate over questions like “Do...

Medieval Meets Modern at Starrlight Mead

At a Pittsboro meadery, an ancient beverage is being sipped, not quaffed.

Dilly-Swiss Tomato Pie Recipe

How do you improve upon already-pretty-perfect summer tomatoes? Put ’em in a pie. 

Byway Produce Stands Showcase Summer’s Bounty

Skip the convenience store. In the summer, the best snacks are just a little farther up the road.

Charlotte’s Beef ’N Bottle Serves Steak, With Style

Movie star stills, wooden booths, dim lighting, and perfectly prepared steaks keep the reservation list full at Charlotte’s Beef...

Smithfield’s Hills of Snow Serves Summer by the Spoonful

It may be July, but the weather forecast in Smithfield is calling for snow.

Gas Station Gourmet at Jake’s Good Eats

Once just a stop on the way to somewhere else, Jake’s Good Eats has turned a former service station...