From the best down home food recipes in North Carolina to dining and chef profiles, Our State magazine captures the flavor of North Carolina.

Ever Hear of a Ground-Steak Sandwich?

It sounds like a burger or a sloppy joe — but it’s not quite either. What it is, and...

Hot Swiss Bacon Dip

Try this savory dip recipe from Seaboard to Sideboard Entertains for your next get together.

Mulled Red Wine

This mulled red wine recipe from Seaboard to Sideboard Entertains will warm you up on cold winter nights.

Wrightsville Beach Oyster Stew

If you're looking for a hot, fresh meal, give Juliet Lee's Wrightsville Beach Oyster Stew recipe a try from...

A Meal for the New Year

When cool weather descends upon North Carolina, it’s time for oysters.

Stephenson’s Barbecue

If a hog isn’t pit-cooked, it isn’t barbecue. That’s Andy Stephenson’s belief. He says his father wouldn’t have had...

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy

See this step-by-step recipe guide for a hearty Southern breakfast worth trying.

Cornbread and Eggs Recipe

On a recent trip, Steve Gordon was offered a recipe for a dish he'd never eaten, but couldn't turn...

Midwood Smokehouse

For traditional N.C. barbecue, Charlotte isn’t your best bet. One man knows why, and he hopes to change that.