Southern Sandwich Tournament

Vote for your favorite Southern sandwiches in weekly tournament-style, head-to-head matchups.
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Vimala’s Curryblossom Café

A woman brings Chapel Hill a taste of the Bombay home where she grew up.
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The Triangle’s TerraVita Bolsters Healthy Appetites

Colleen Minton founded TerraVita, a weekend event every autumn that showcases and offers local food, drink, and ways to prepare them that aren’t only good for your health, but good for the land, too.

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Raise a Glass with These New Year’s Eve Cocktails

You’ve always got your traditional champagne on New Year’s Eve, but be sure to give one of these great cocktail recipes a go. Cheers to the new year!
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hot buttered rum recipe

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

An unlikely cocktail ingredient, butter nicely accents the winter spices in this hot buttered rum recipe. When it’s just plain cold outside, warm up with a cup.
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Hidden Gem (er, Bean) Coffee Roasters

Good coffee comes with great care, each bean mulled over thoughtfully and roasted to perfection. From Counter Culture to Joe Van Gogh to Carrboro Coffee Roasters, North Carolina has long been home to many tried-and-true, small-scale coffee roasters. It’s clear this state cares about its coffee.* Whether they’re small or just plain teeny tiny, here are even more hidden gem coffee roasters throughout the state. Some you might not have heard of before, but in the throes of winter, get reacquainted with your cup of joe.
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holiday recipe feat

Holiday Recipe Roundup

While everyone holds off for the one big meal at Thanksgiving, Christmas is an all-day culinary affair. There’s the hearty morning breakfast we fuel up with after a morning spent pulling bows off boxes. Then, you’ve got supper: gravy-laden and served homestyle. Dessert? Why, of course. And one doesn’t forget to nibble on the cheese ball or sip on some mulled wine between meals. This year, make your holiday even more memorable with this roundup of recipes, from the Our State table to yours.
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calypso chicken salad

Calypso Chicken Salad Recipe

Sweet potatoes get an island twist in the first place recipe from this fall’s “Local Flavor Recipe Contest: Sweet Potatoes” sponsored by Lowes Foods.
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snow day recipes

Snow Day Recipes from the Our State Staff

When the big storm hits, throw a soul-warming dish on the stove and another log on the fire. Our State staff members provide their favorite snow day recipes made with ingredients already in the pantry.
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An International Christmas in North Carolina

At a church in Cary, North Carolina transplants share a celebration of European holiday foods and crafts.
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the pig

Barbecue Returns to Basics at Chapel Hill’s The Pig

Our State’s barbecue correspondent concludes his journey at a joint that cuts through the smoke to get to the essence of pork.

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