rhubarb feat

The New Sunday Supper: Rhubarb in Asheville

Why diners are passing the plate at Rhubarb in Asheville.

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sunnyside feat

Keep on the Sunny Side: Sunny Point Café

A restaurant’s devotion to place and palate yields a bounty of fresh food, and a second chance for one Asheville neighborhood.
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oscar will feature

Oscar William’s Gourmet Cotton Candy

An Apex company makes it OK to love spun sugar, the kind of cotton you can eat.
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backyard honeysuckle collecting

How Do You Take Your Honeysuckle?

North Carolinians combine honeysuckle and creativity in the kitchen to concoct these delicious honeysuckle treats.
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honeysuckle feature


The vine that twines over fences and through childhood memories lends its aromatic scent and unmistakable taste to grown-up fare.
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pimento feature

Pimento Cheese

Did you know those spicy pimentos were first mixed in to protect fresh cheese from flies? Did you know the spread’s origins may actually be from up North? But then our companies — Star Foods in Burlington, Ruth’s Salads in Charlotte — began making it, and then we all started eating it, and before long, pimento cheese belonged to us.
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okra feature


Generation to generation, some traditions we’re born into. Others have more surprising beginnings.

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red eye gravy feature

Redeye Gravy

You’ll know it by its unmistakable sheen and characteristic deep color. And when spooned over country ham, biscuits, or grits, it becomes our favorite sauce of the South.
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boiled peanuts feature

Boiled Peanuts

Eating a sloppy, salty cup full of soggy goobers isn’t nearly as difficult as finding the down-home delicacy.
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cheerwine boiled peanuts

Cheerwine Boiled Peanuts

Boil peanuts, add Cheerwine. A simple recipe that’s full of flavor.
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pepsi feature

The Story of Pepsi

You can find it in Frankfurt, but hoisting a cold bottle of the sweet, sugary, amber-hued creation feels far more refreshing — and authentic — in New Bern.
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