meadow lane feat

Unearthed: Meadow Lane Farm

With a passion for local food and a vision for future farming generations, Martha Mobley serves as a pillar of North Carolina’s agriculture community.
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peach boxes

Peachy Cheesecake Cupcakes

What a great combination–peaches and cheesecake! Yum!
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new southern garden cookbook

The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle

Sheri Castle’s newest cookbook walks you through the pleasures of fresh, local, and seasonal food with more than 300 recipes.
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Southern Heirlooms

The classic tomato sandwich’s roots may reach beyond the Mason-Dixon line, but there’s something about this summer staple that gives it a special home in our kitchens.
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History in a Mason Jar

Today, long after Junior Johnson famously learned to drive hauling outlaw liquor, distillers are again providing the fiery flavor of the backwoods — all with the state’s blessing.
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Engineered for Flavor

A steady cadence of bangs draws the curious to the Poppin’ John’s Homemade Ice Cream cart set up at festivals throughout the state, and tasty goodness brings them back for a second bowl.
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Cooking by Heart

Most community cookbooks start with a cause — a church ministry, a fire department auxiliary, a school project. For two ladies in the Triangle, the purpose was more personal.
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Sweet Corn and Parmesan Flan

This fresh and fun flan recipe comes from Meals & Memories, which supports High Country Hospice of Alleghany County.
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Pickled Eggs

This pickled egg recipe from Meals & Memories will add vibrant color to your table.
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Baked Sugar Pecans

Try these baked sugar pecans from Recipes to Remember for an easy sweet treat.
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Fried Okra

Try this fried okra recipe from Recipes to Remember for a classic Southern side dish.
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