From the best down home food recipes in North Carolina to dining and chef profiles, Our State magazine captures the flavor of North Carolina.

Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

These chocolate sandwiches are filled with a cream and semi-sweet chocolate mixture.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Sour Cream Frosting

Share these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting with family and friends on Valentine's Day.

Choco-Nana Pops

This homemade popsicle recipe includes chocolate syrup, bananas, and chocolate milk.

Country Style Steak and Gravy

Along with this recipe in Country Recipes and other Interesting Stuff, Bob Holt includes an anecdote about his mother's...

Momma’s Sunday Fried Chicken

Bob Holt remembers the taste of his mother's fried chicken served at Sunday lunch. Try his mother's recipe from...

Apples, Taters, and Chops Casserole

After experimenting with food, Bob Holt created the recipe for the Apples, Taters, and Chops Casserole that can be...

Food on the Fly

From burgers on wax paper to oysters on the half shell, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport goes gourmet.

Momma’s Kitchen

No matter how many North Carolina restaurants Bob Holt visits, chefs he watches, or recipes he collects, his momma’s...

Momma Ar’s Latkes

Enjoy this latke recipe that's an Our State staff favorite.