Matthew Lewis

The Great American Photographer

In the 1960s and ’70s, Pulitzer Prize winner Matthew Lewis watched one of our nation’s defining eras through his camera lens.
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Jim Hunt 2

Jim Hunt: A Biography by Gary Pearce

Gary Pearce, Hunt’s confidant while in office and since, brings us the first insider’s look at Hunt’s years in public life.
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Stratton Murrell

Cub Reporter

Retired optometrist Stratton Murrell spends his days searching for the truth behind the small treasures that have shaped his native Onslow County, then and now.
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Jim Hunt

Opposites Attract

North Carolina’s odd couple embraced their similarities to form a powerful political team.
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The Life and Art of Miller Pope

The desire to take a risk is in almost all of us. The willingness to follow through is in only a few. Miller Pope made decisions overnight and never regretted one, and in the process created a life full of rewards.
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Little Boy Blues: A Memoir by Malcolm Jones

In his beautifully written, heartrending memoir, Jones tells how he carried the burdens of pain and resentment between his charming, but irresponsible, alcoholic father and his long-suffering, former Southern belle mother.
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Kid Carolina: R.J. Reynolds Jr., A Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon by Heidi Schnakenberg

California-based screenwriter Heidi Schnakenberg crafted a book that readers can easily envision on the silver screen.
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Crowning a Queen

Merging her tough-minded newspaper personality with the glamour of beauty pageants, Denton’s Venus Wallace crossed borders in an effort to promote her tiny town.
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Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone by Nadine Cohodas

The metamorphosis of small-town classical pianist Eunice Waymon into international superstar Nina Simone is tabloid fodder, a life packed with outbursts and upheavals as well as triumphs that would guarantee her star billing on and offstage.
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Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney

Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney have created a lovely picture book in verse about the four college students, who courageously sat at Woolworth’s “whites only” lunch counter.
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