Eastern N.C.

At a crossroads in Brunswick County, a legendary light creates a ghostly spectacle.

The Maco Light

For years, a crossroads in Brunswick County was the site of a ghostly spectacle. One day, a man searched for the legendary light — and found it.
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The Power of Gertrude

She befriended presidents and first ladies, traveled the world, and led the campaign to reconstruct Tryon Palace. She was Gertrude S. Carraway. In 20th-century North Carolina, she created her legacy.
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Merchants Millpond in Eastern North Carolina

Mighty Merchants Millpond

For 200 years, this man-made pond has enchanted us with its giant cypress trees and wildlife. Thousands of travelers visit the muddy waters and learn what we’ve known for years — you simply can’t get enough.
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The waters came. The waters went. But the people stayed, giving this eastern North Carolina town the chance to fight back and become even stronger — “after the flood.”
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The aftermath of Hurricane Hazel in North Carolina in 1954


On October 15, 1954, a terrible storm makes for a terrible day for the entire country. One county in rural southeastern North Carolina takes the most direct hit, with lives and communities shattered under the storm clouds.
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North Carolina in Thread

An exhibit in Wilmington showcases the state’s textile industry with spools from abandoned mills.
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Pass the Manners, Please

Every summer, 80-year-old Miss Nancy Dawson Rascoe holds camps in her 1812 house in Hertford, hoping to keep traditions alive in the young.
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A place called Atlantis

In Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantis Lodge has a name from ancient lore, a decor from decades ago, and simple traditions that are timeless.
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The Night Hydrogen Bombs Fell Over North Carolina

A plane carrying two hydrogen bombs crashes in Wayne County and residents rush to find and disarm the weapons.
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Lighter Than Air

When German U-boats began to hound Allied forces, the Navy took to the sky and constructed an air station in Weeksville that built blimps — soft, quiet fighters that helped turn the Battle of the Atlantic and lift the nation to victory.
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