Eastern N.C.


Pass the Manners, Please

Every summer, 80-year-old Miss Nancy Dawson Rascoe holds camps in her 1812 house in Hertford, hoping to keep traditions alive in the young.
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A place called Atlantis

In Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantis Lodge has a name from ancient lore, a decor from decades ago, and simple traditions that are timeless.
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The Night Hydrogen Bombs Fell Over North Carolina

A plane carrying two hydrogen bombs crashes in Wayne County and residents rush to find and disarm the weapons.
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Lighter Than Air

When German U-boats began to hound Allied forces, the Navy took to the sky and constructed an air station in Weeksville that built blimps — soft, quiet fighters that helped turn the Battle of the Atlantic and lift the nation to victory.
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Water Ways

If you wanted to fish or duck hunt in Currituck County and its namesake sound, you needed to know the man who knew the water. For visitors a long way from home, that man was Frank Carter, a beloved, trusted sporting guide for almost 50 years.
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The South’s Prettiest Small Town reveals character through its women.
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Maritime Hero

By the time he became the first black keeper of a United States Life-Saving Service station, Richard Etheridge had overcome slavery, war, and racism.
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River Runaways

For slaves, the struggle began long before the first shots of the Civil War. Now, the unrest and confusion of conflict open passage to freedom. (Volume 1, Part 4)
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A House Divided

Doctor Bellamy’s mansion and the beginning of the end of an era.
(Volume 1, Part 1)
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Town Center

In colonial North Carolina, if you needed to mail a letter, have a tooth pulled, get a divorce, or launch a revolution, you went to a tavern. To get a sense of what you would have found inside one, take a trip to Historic Halifax.
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