rural acad feat

The Rural Academy Theater

Why would a band of performers traverse western North Carolina in a wagon? Because in entertainment, delivery matters.
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1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers

Freedom Fighter

Following Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, a lifelong slave, William Henry Singleton, raises an army of black men: the 1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers. (Volume 3, Part 3)
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White Sulphur Springs

The Hotel with Healing Powers

The White Sulphur Springs Hotel in Surry County once attracted governors and world-famous actresses. But not just for the fancy accommodations. They came for the water.
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Reverend Alexander Davis Betts

Religion in the Ranks Chapter II of II

The passion of one minister, the Rev. Alexander Davis Betts, pushes him to great lengths with the 30th North Carolina regiment. (Volume 3, Part 2)
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Robert Leath MESDA

Filling in the Gaps

Museum workers in Old Salem find unknown objects from the South’s history and search for the story behind them.
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Flood of 1916

Hell and High Water

The flood of 1916 broke every record in the book. The death and destruction it caused in Western North Carolina defined flooding for an entire generation of survivors, and their stories live on nearly 100 years later.
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Photo by Daniel Coston

In Their Words: The Avett Brothers

Web Exclusive: An oral history of one of America’s most popular bands.
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To the Moon, from Chapel Hill

Nearly every U.S. astronaut until 1975 — yes, including Neil, Buzz, John, and Alan — trained at Morehead Planetarium. That’s where they learned to navigate outer space.

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Religion in the Ranks Chapter I of II

Many Christians living in the Confederacy Believe there is little doubt that God is on their side. (Volume 3, Part 1)
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Ready for Takeoff

Go for a ride in the clouds with the men and women who work at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, and the impressive work they do opens up before your eyes like the horizon.
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Old Mill of Guilford

Whether they come for necessity or nostalgia, steady customers keep this Oak Ridge landmark in business.
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