Black Mountain College feature

The Mythic School of the Mountain: Black Mountain College

Brilliant artists, poets, and intellectuals established Black Mountain College’s reputation as a bastion of innovative thinkers. The college’s brief, obscure existence — and its avant-garde “Happening” — sealed its legend.
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Abraham Galloway

Abraham Galloway: From Cartridge Box to Ballot Box

A black man in New Bern doesn’t want to be gifted the rights of freedom after the war. He wants to fight for them and win them. (Volume 2, Part 10)
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A Tractor Needs A Driver

When a farmer takes a seat on a tractor, he makes a connection. It’s a strong bond that he will one day pass down.
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Jesse Broyles, the peanut man, was a fixture in downtown Raleigh.

The Peanut Man

Remembering a fixture of Raleigh’s Capitol Square.
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The Bombardment of Algiers by Paul Hee

Painting History

Late in his life, one man turned his love for ships into a career.
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William Holland Thomas in 1858

Little Will’s Cherokee Legion

A white man and the Indians, war and love, and the dream of freedom. (Volume 2, Part 9)
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The Power of Gertrude

She befriended presidents and first ladies, traveled the world, and led the campaign to reconstruct Tryon Palace. She was Gertrude S. Carraway. In 20th-century North Carolina, she created her legacy.
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The American chestnut tree.

The Lord of the Forest

The American chestnut ruled our forests for centuries, but a killer blight made up of microscopic spores needed only 50 years to wipe the giant from the face of North America. But we still have buildings made from it, and we still have people pulling for it. An organization based in Asheville wants to bring it back from memory and make the chestnut stand tall again.
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Food Lion's flagship store in Salisbury, North Carolina

Before Food Lion, it was Food Town

The Salisbury grocery chain that became Food Lion began as a community effort.
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Merchants Millpond in Eastern North Carolina

Mighty Merchants Millpond

For 200 years, this man-made pond has enchanted us with its giant cypress trees and wildlife. Thousands of travelers visit the muddy waters and learn what we’ve known for years — you simply can’t get enough.
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On the Same Page Literary Festival in West Jefferson, N.C.

On the Same Page

In Ashe County, one community invites you to open a good book.
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