menhaden feature

The Fish That Built Beaufort

For years, a fish at the bottom of the food chain was king in Carteret County. The menhaden industry is gone now, but the songs of the fishermen endure.
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Stratton Murrell

Cub Reporter

Retired optometrist Stratton Murrell spends his days searching for the truth behind the small treasures that have shaped his native Onslow County, then and now.
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Calling people in with its coastal beauty, the third-oldest town in North Carolina swells with history and friendly faces.
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realign your mind

Realign Your Mind by Greg Humphreys

Realign Your Mind is only Greg Humphreys’s second solo album, but its genre-blending songs and local contributing artists hint at strong relationships and accumulated talent from a decades-long music career. Folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, and pop fans will find at
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Jim Hunt

Opposites Attract

North Carolina’s odd couple embraced their similarities to form a powerful political team.
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the two faces of dixie2

The Two Faces of Dixie: Politicians, Plantations and Slaves by J. Christy Judah

Brunswick County resident, historian, and retired educator J. Christy Judah brings readers The Two Faces of Dixie: Politicians, Plantations and Slaves, unveiling the “peculiar institution” of involuntary servitude as it occurred in coastal North Carolina.

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A hip college town maintains its old-fashioned soul.
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The Life and Art of Miller Pope

The desire to take a risk is in almost all of us. The willingness to follow through is in only a few. Miller Pope made decisions overnight and never regretted one, and in the process created a life full of rewards.
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A Kingdom Strange

A Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony of Roanoke by James Horn

But the last word from England’s island colony Roanoke — CROATOAN carved into the trunk of a tree in the Outer Banks — beckons to us across the centuries. Historian James Horn’s thoughtful, authoritative account of this settlement tells a story that refused to die among the Indians or the English.
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Hurricane Hazel

Images of America: Hurricane Hazel in the Carolinas by Jay Barnes

Jay Barnes compiles memorable black-and-white images from the aftermath of Hurricane Hazel and the devastation it left in its wake.
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The Mountain Doctor

As soon as he arrived in Balsam Grove, Dr. Gaine Cannon knew he could make a difference in the isolated community desperate for medical care.
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