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currituck lighthouse

A Ray of Light at Currituck Lighthouse

For 10 years, Meghan Agresto has lived 40 steps from the 140-year-old Currituck Beach Lighthouse, making certain its light never fails.
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Alice Irby Woman's College

A Place of Distinction: Woman’s College in Greensboro

Alice Irby’s academic journey symbolizes an era of liberation for thousands of like-minded women at Woman’s College in Greensboro.
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Community College Quilt

Stitches and Squares

Each of our community colleges has a place on this quilt, a handmade tribute to learning.
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They Are Everywhere

North Carolina has one of the largest populations of veterans in America. Here, combat veterans are chronicling their experiences to create what may be a new genre of 21st-century literature. Our poet laureate shares how he teaches veterans to tell their stories, and what he is learning about combat in the process.
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Clara Jones Portrait

Piano Lessons

It’s a simple gift: to teach someone to play an instrument. But inside her west Charlotte home, Clara Jones gives instruction that goes beyond the music.
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Kent Knorr, owner of the N.C. Ukulele Academy

Instrument of the Islands

In Wilmington, the North Carolina Ukulele Academy brings home the sound of the islands.
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Lucky’s Plott

Driving home after work one day eight years ago, Libby Bagby passed a dying dog on the side of the road. Now, the fully recovered Plott hound travels around the state with her as a symbol of North Carolina.
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Eric Marshall

History Lessons

Stokes County teacher Eric Marshall takes his fifth graders into battle and proves that history doesn’t have to be dull.
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Ray Russell

The Everyman’s Weatherman

When folks in western North Carolina need to know what the weather has in store for them, they turn to Ray Russell.
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Southern Twang

Pluck one string, and images start forming: rural family gatherings, dirt-floor dances, and simple picking on a porch as the sun sets. Few instruments conjure place more powerfully than the banjo.
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