License Plate Special

A North Carolina artist recycles license plates, builds custom guitars, and sells them to celebrities and Tar Heels alike.
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Music for All: The Can Joe Man

Herschel Brown constructs buildings and delivers quality — and now he also builds one-string instruments and delivers happiness.

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Back Porch Sitters

Friday Night Sock Hop

A Greenville radio show enchants listeners with nostalgic music.
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Capt. Ernie Foster

The Men Who Reinvented Fishing

Capt. Ernie Foster is likely the last captain in the original family of sport fishing — his father started the first charter boat in North Carolina in 1937. Now this Hatteras captain works to keep the family fleet that fishes for fun in harmony with neighbors who fish for profit.
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Karen Amspacher

On the Edge of Everything

On Harkers Island, locals like Karen Amspacher fight for what they believe in. And these people want to know two things: Where are you from? And what do you stand for?
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Happy Valley Pals

Old-Time Sound

Members of the Happy Valley Pals band preserve traditional Piedmont music.
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Jocko Flocko

Fastest Monkey in the World

The biggest, tallest, truest tale in NASCAR history happened in 1953 on a half-mile dirt track in Hickory. A monkey named Jocko Flocko beat 26 other drivers to take home the checkered flag.
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John Harris

The Simplest Flying Machine

John Harris learned to fly in the 1970s with a piece of nylon. And still today, whether he’s holding a kite string in his hands on the Nags Head beach or strapping a hang glider to his back on Jockey’s Ridge, he enjoys knowing that the only thing keeping the contraption aloft is the breeze beneath him.
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Tony Avent Plant Delights

The Place He Imagined

Tony Avent never outgrew his childhood dream to run a nationally recognized nursery in his Raleigh backyard. So he made it happen.
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Church Cookbooks

The Church Cookbook

For so many in North Carolina, compiling or contributing to a church cookbook is another way to serve.
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Bald Eagle

Eagles of Jordan Lake

Visit the Triangle for a glimpse of our nation’s iconic bird.
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