License Plate Special

A North Carolina artist recycles license plates, builds custom guitars, and sells them to celebrities and Tar Heels alike.
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First Step

In 1920, Lillian Exum Clement couldn’t vote, but that didn’t keep her from winning a landslide election that made her the first female member of North Carolina’s General Assembly.
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Pops Peterson: Impressions of a Life Well Spent

He works every day, and he plays every day. He’ll try almost anything, and he’ll never change some things.
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Her Spirit Lives On

Martha Mason always relied on her friends for support, but today, her life gives them inspiration.
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King of Trash

Manteo’s Carl Walker wants everybody to bring him their trash. Because he knows that most of it is not really trash — it’s just ready to become the next thing.
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Little Chef

When he was 12 years old, Ben Braxton simply wanted the opportunity to learn how chefs prepare gourmet dishes. Two years later, he’s a Saturday-night fixture with his own set of fans at Chapel Hill’s Pazzo.
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Rebekah Brown and a sampling of goose eggs.

Fragile Canvas

Beautiful etchings emerge as Rebekah Joy Brown works in her studio transforming eggshells into art.
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A Guide with a Mission

Capt. Joe Abbate loves Masonboro Island and the wildlife that lives here. He wants you to love it, too.
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What the Shoreline Tells Us

When most of us look at the ocean, we see beautiful views and an endless horizon. A team of scientists in Duck peers beneath the waves in a high-tech search for insight into people’s relationship to the sea.

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The Story Collector

William Ivey can tell you most anything you’d want to know about longrifles, or pottery in the Seagrove tradition, or antique furniture crafted in Randolph County. What he values most about the individual pieces he’s collected over the years, however, are the personal histories they carry.
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Acres of Antiques

Vito and Mary Ellen Sico started out buying antiques to furnish their first home. Their collection grew into a business, and today it’s the inspiration for the Liberty Antiques Festival, a twice-a-year event that attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of shoppers from nearly two dozen states.

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