License Plate Special

A North Carolina artist recycles license plates, builds custom guitars, and sells them to celebrities and Tar Heels alike.
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Green HIll Center for NC Art

Winter Show

The Green Hill Center for NC Art in Greensboro celebrates North Carolina artists with an annual gala and exhibition. And for seven weeks, collectors have a chance to view works of art from across the state in a single location.
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Fayetteville Dickens Holiday Celebration

A Dickens Holiday

Every Black Friday, street performers act out the characters in A Christmas Carol, bringing thousands of people together on the tree-lined streets of downtown Fayetteville.
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John Taylor at O.P. Taylor's toy shop

A Big Toy Store in a Small Town

It’s all fun and games for John Taylor, founder and owner of O.P. Taylor’s toy store in downtown Brevard. And so far, no one’s gotten hurt.
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Notes to Soldiers

Notes to Soldiers

In June, we invited Our State readers to submit a note of thanks to U.S. soldiers. In honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to read those notes and share them with service personnel, active or retired, you may know.
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The Apple Teacher

On seven acres in Caswell County, a high school chemistry teacher preserves his family farm and Southern food traditions.
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Heart of the Hunter

Hunting, by definition, is a sport. But it is not a game. When we hunt, we step into another world — the natural world, the wild world — intending to take something from it. The best hunters appreciate this, respect this, and pause for this before they pull a trigger or set a trap. They know, too, that life has always required life, whether we sustain ourselves on plants or game. And most important, they understand that what we take, we should also revere. These are our true sportsmen.
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Kent Knorr, owner of the N.C. Ukulele Academy

Instrument of the Islands

In Wilmington, the North Carolina Ukulele Academy brings home the sound of the islands.
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Lucky’s Plott

Driving home after work one day eight years ago, Libby Bagby passed a dying dog on the side of the road. Now, the fully recovered Plott hound travels around the state with her as a symbol of North Carolina.
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A Marine’s Purpose

For nearly 30 years, Rich Daniels devoted himself to the country and the military. Now, in retirement, he’s able to turn his attention to artwork, rediscovering a childhood passion.
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Untold Stories of Old Currituck Duck Clubs by Travis Morris

Readers will find themselves immersed in Southern culture, hunting, and the sound of duck calls.
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