License Plate Special

A North Carolina artist recycles license plates, builds custom guitars, and sells them to celebrities and Tar Heels alike.
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Gail Gurley makes her mother's Rasin Cookies using the original pre-drepression recipe and ingredients.

Old South Comfort Food

As soon as she saw her mother’s well-used cookbook, Gail Cauble Gurley knew she wanted to preserve it as a link to a childhood she remembers fondly.
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Joey’s Pancake House

Anyone who has eaten breakfast at Joey’s knows the food is delicious and the service exceptional. What customers might not know is the love story that built the Maggie Valley restaurant.
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The Perfect Pair

If you’re talking about the people who keep the eggs and biscuits coming, you would call the Old Richmond Grill Eddie and Hazel’s place. If you’re talking about the people who feel at home here, you’d call it everybody’s place.
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The Life and Art of Miller Pope

The desire to take a risk is in almost all of us. The willingness to follow through is in only a few. Miller Pope made decisions overnight and never regretted one, and in the process created a life full of rewards.
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The Mountain Doctor

As soon as he arrived in Balsam Grove, Dr. Gaine Cannon knew he could make a difference in the isolated community desperate for medical care.
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Becky’s & Mary’s

When Becky Ingram left home, she had a job within an hour of arriving in High Point. Fifty years later, the restaurant she owns with her sister, Mary, is an institution, where love is the main ingredient and every dish comes with a side of conversation.

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Shirley Smith’s Pound Cake

It’s a good bet that all the recipes in the McLeansville Baptist Church Ladies’ latest cookbook are delicious. But one comes with an especially sweet story.
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Clara Jones Portrait

Piano Lessons

It’s a simple gift: to teach someone to play an instrument. But inside her west Charlotte home, Clara Jones gives instruction that goes beyond the music.
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Belk-Hensdale in Lumberton circa 1940s

Main Street Merchant

Although Belk stores today pepper suburbs throughout the South, the Charlotte-based retailer remembers its roots as a downtown business built on bargains and service.
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Notes to Soldiers

Notes to Soldiers

In June, we invited Our State readers to submit a note of thanks to U.S. soldiers. In honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to read those notes and share them with service personnel, active or retired, you may know.
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